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Original Memories Vs. New Nightmare

In my opinion, when a movie is altered in any way (added scenes, altered scenes, etc.) , it then becomes a different movie.What I would like to see on DVD is the complete original Star Wars trilogy. If the new versions of those movies are to be released, they should be a supplement item.

When I think of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” painting, I don’t remember her wearing a fancy hat that may have been popular many years later. I remember the painting in it’s original way!

When I listen to music, the songs I listen to evoke fond & happy memories of times past. That effect would be eliminated if someone were to add anything (synthesizer,extra vocals,etc.) to them because they believe they can improve the original version. Not so!!!

What we are dealing with here is a classic movie series that needs to be preserved in it’s original state.

These are the versions I remember & cherish.

These are the versions that stood the test of time.

These are the versions I will wait in line at my local video store for.

Even though Steven Spielberg digitally updated his “E. T. The Extra Terrestrial”, he smartly chose to simultaneously release both old & new version. Maybe George Lucas will listen to his buddy Steven & do the right thing.

Maybe we need to contact Steven first & invite him to get involved. If the original Star Wars trilogy is to be digitized to the DVD format, it must be done correctly the first time. Thank you.