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Reconstructing the prequels from what was implied in the original trilogy

Before the Jedi founded the Republic millennia ago, the Sith ruled the galaxy with an iron fist. The Sith aristocrats enslaved entire worlds to do their cruel bidding, even teaching some of the slaves rudimentary Force techniques to drive the labor of their comrades.

Over time these slave drivers turned against their masters and instead liberated their brothers and sisters from the Sith yoke. In this way the age of the Jedi dawned upon the galaxy.

The first Jedi led a successful rebellion against this ancient Sith imperium. The revolutionary forces pursued the Sith to their final holdout of Korriban.

On Korriban the Sith royal family apparently committed mass suicide. But little do the Jedi know that this action was a ritual to disembody their spirits, to weather the ages and bide their time for the fateful day that the Sith could one day retake the galaxy.

The Sith ghost finds its opportunity in an ambitious Republic Senator named Palpatine.

Reconstructing the prequels from what was implied in the original trilogy
  1. Make Qui-Gon Obi-Wan’s elder brother.
  2. In the Naboo saber fight, Maul cuts off Qui-Gon’s arm. Right before Maul can finish Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan uses a mind trick to sneak up on Maul and kill him.
  3. Qui-Gon takes the role of Count Dooku. He escapes the Republic, leads the Separatists, yada yada. The key difference is that he is not in league with Sidious.
  4. Anakin slays Qui-Gon instead of Dooku at the start of ROTS.

Basically make it so that the character of Dooku does not exist and his role gets transferred to Qui-Gon, the Secessionist Light Side Templar.

Return of the Jedi: No Sister

Cut to the familiar golden disc of Tatooine against the stars. The camera rotates to show an imposing new shape, the unfinished structure of the Super Death Star transitioning in front of one of the system’s twin suns.

Out of hyperspace jumps a light cruiser, the distinctly vertical craft known as Slave I. It burns through the darkness above Tatooine, the Super Death Star’s surface turbolaser turrets constantly angled in its direction by Imperial fire control technicians. Within the hangar bay patrolled by squads of Stormtroopers, Slave I sets down thrusters-first and the feared Boba Fett walks out.

Imperial officer Jerjerrod greets Boba Fett with the Emperor’s salutations, but his eyes project the most contemptuous glare in the galaxy. Boba Fett replies tersely, “A job’s a job. Take me to the boss.” The two men walk past the Stormtroopers and take the lift to Throne Room.

In the shadowy rotunda of the royal nest, Galactic Emperor Palpatine sits on the swiveling throne and surveys the construction of his ultimate weapon. The door open behind him and he turns around to face the booted footsteps approaching him. Boba Fett sees for the first time the gaunt and withered face of Imperial power. Jerjerrod takes his leave.

Palpatine speaks, telling Fett that he has tracked his movements since the operation on Cloud City and that he is impressed. Palpatine then offers Fett a new job, a high-value assassination. Fett asks what’s in it for him. Palpatine promises Fett a full official pardon for his life of crimes, in addition to a handsome sum. Fett asks, “Who will it be?”

The Emperor cackles. Boba Fett steps closer to the Throne and views Tatooine from above.

Return of the Jedi: No Sister

This is an expansion of the opening crawl and first scene.




Luke Skywalker has returned to the swamps of Dagobah to complete his Jedi training. His ally Leia Organa fights to rescue her lover Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt.

Little do our heroes know that the GALACTIC EMPIRE nears completion of a new space station even more powerful than the Death Star.

If completed, this weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of rebels struggling to restore freedom to the galaxy…​


Pan down to the Imperial starfleet in orbit above Coruscant.

A Star Destroyer deploys a TIE Shuttle down to the metropolitan planet surface. On the bridge of the Star Destroyer, an Imperial Admiral expresses his disdain for the strike occurring in the industrial district.

The craft skews downward, and the camera cuts to AT-STs trudging through the streets to enforce the curfew. Scattered buildings glow with columns of flame poking out of their windows. In an alleyway, a squad of Stormtroopers lines up a group of seditious citizens in front of a wall and executes them with blaster fire.

The TIE Shuttle touches down outside a droid factory, a metallic silo surrounded by barricades and bodies of Stormtroopers and rebels alike. In the factory, the strike leader, a grizzled man with cybernetic legs, beckons his fellows to make good on their promise to avenge Alderaan and Cloud City. The crowd of armed workers cheers in righteous fervor.

The boarded-up doors of the factory dazzle with sparks as the Stormtroopers slice through the durasteel. The workers brandish arms and take up firing positions against the door. Then the door tumbles over and Stormtroopers pour forth.

The workers trade a flurry of blaster bolts with the Stormtroopers, then fall back into the assembly line of the factory. Stormtroopers secure the entrance and hold the strike leader prisoner.

Through the hole in the wall strides that familiar inhuman breathing. His dark cape billows with each step as he approaches the kneeling, fatigued strike leader. The strike leader expresses defiance to the last, even in the face of darkness personified.

Darth Vader chokes the old man to death with the Dark Side of the Force. A horrified worker runs back to meet his comrades deep in the silo. Vader orders the troopers to proceed inward and set their weapons to stun.

Return of the Jedi: No Sister


Luke Skywalker has returned to the swamps of Dagobah to complete his Jedi training. His ally Princess Leia fights to rescue her lover Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt.

Little do our heroes know that the GALACTIC EMPIRE rushes to build a new space station even more powerful than the Death Star.

If completed, this weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of rebels struggling to restore freedom to the galaxy…


On Coruscant, a group of civilian laborers in a droid factory goes on strike. The Imperial authorities respond with a violent crackdown; a squad of Stormtroopers, led personally by Darth Vader, breaks into the strikers’ safehouse and executes them all.

Above Tatooine, the Emperor personally oversees the construction of a new weapon: the Super Death Star. It is a space station able to jump into a star system, instigate a runaway chain reaction inside the sun, and escape before the rapidly-expanding star destroys all of the surrounding worlds. The Emperor meets with Boba Fett and pays him to assassinate a high-value target.

On the jungle planet Siseman, Lando finds an audience with Jabba the Hutt, towing Chewie and Leia apparently as his prisoners. Having gained entry into Jabba’s palace, Leia unfreezes Han from carbonite and Chewie releases Jabba’s pet rancor. The palace erupts into frenzy as the rancor rampages around and eats Jabba. Our heroes flee amidst the chaos aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Luke continues his training on Dagobah. He climbs a mountain, and when he gets to the top he finds a green crystal that he uses to power his new lightsaber. He talks to Yoda on the mountaintop, who tells Luke about the Anakin backstory and then dies of old age. Luke reunites with R2 and departs from the planet.


Leia, Han, Lando, and Chewie return to the Rebel flagship. Mon Mothma, the Rebel leader, tells them of the mission to destroy the unfinished Super Death Star in the Tatooine system.

Rebel cruisers enter from hyperspace to flank the flagship, but they are tracked by Boba Fett. Slave I destroys the flagship bridge and kills Mon Mothma. Han, Chewie, and Lando take off in the Falcon and defeat Slave I in a space duel, killing Fett. Leia mourns, but then accepts leadership of the Rebels.

Luke reunites with the fleet. Light-hearted banter between all four heroes ensues, then the first phase of the mission begins. The strike team of Luke, Lando, and 3P0, jumps to occupied Tatooine.

On Tatooine, Luke uses his powers to ward off an angry krayt dragon, thus winning the respect of the Tusken Chieftain. Lando and the Chieftain free a captured Sandcrawler from the Empire. Then Luke senses Vader’s arrival in the system and wanders into the desert, where he surrenders himself to Stormtroopers. Vader meets Luke and takes him to meet the Emperor.


On Tatooine, Lando’s assault on the shield base is stalled by Imperial forces, but a surprise attack by the krayt dragon allows the Rebels to turn the tide against the Imperials.

The Rebel fleet fights against the Imperial fleet. The Emperor orders the Super Death Star to fire on one of the twin suns. Han and Leia realize the Rebel fleet has been entrapped.

The Emperor tempts Luke into fighting Vader. Vader reveals that the Emperor is his father, and tells Luke that his fall to darkness is inevitable. Luke is enraged and mangles Vader.

Lando and the native army overpower the Imperial garrison and destroy the shield generator.

Luke refuses to kill Vader, so the Emperor tortures Luke with lightning. Vader intervenes and kills the Emperor by throwing him down a shaft.

The Falcon and other fighters try to find a centralized main reactor but instead see that there is a decentralized power network. Solo realizes he must instead destroy the SDS’s engines, knowing this will mean he and Chewie will lack the time to flee the exploding star.

Luke escapes on a shuttle with his father’s body and Lando flies from Tatooine with the surviving natives. They and the Rebel Fleet all jump to Coruscant. The Super Death Star and the Millennium Falcon perish in the expanding star.

On Coruscant crowds of civilians take to the streets in jubilation. Leia reveals to Luke that she is pregnant. Luke promises to help her raise the child, build the New Republic, and teach the next generation of Jedi.

The spirits of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anakin smile upon Luke.

Who Was Kira? - The Lucas Sequels

I am fascinated by the brief descriptions of the setting of GL’s conception of a sequel trilogy. Some of it lines up with what the real-life sequel trilogy has delivered.

We got the hero trio in their old age ("…wouldn’t it be fun to get all the actors to come back when they’re 60 or 70 years old and make three more about them as old people?" - GL).

We got some exploration of what really separates good from evil, Light from Darkness (“Eventually you have to face the fact that good and evil aren’t that clear-cut and the real issue is trying to understand the difference.” - GL).

Even the concept of an older Luke exiling himself to a remote Jedi Temple is carried over from the Lucas notes.

Now what I am more interested in is how the Lucas story has already differed from what has transpired in TFA/LJ. It seems at some point Lucas wanted the big bad of the ST to be a Dark Side Ghost of Palpatine.

From the Making of ESB book:
‘In the end the Emperor does exactly what Ben did; he can also transform himself. As Ben becomes the personification of the good side of the force, the Emperor is the bad’.

The larger galactic political situation is also substantially different in the Disney ST from what Lucas was kicking around in his head…“The last three episodes involve the rebuilding of the Republic.”, another Lucas quote. That’s not at all what has happened thus far, and I am looking at Starkiller Base!

Lastly there is a scant mention of a young female Jedi disciple known as “Kira”. It makes sense to me personally that this woman eventually became Rey of Jakku, but my imagination abounds with the possibilities of what got lost in the shuffle between Lucas’ vision and Disney’s.

So what do you think? What do you believe could have been?

Should I Write Episode Two First?

Here’s an idea: Many of the difficulties fan writers encounter when crafting alternate prequels can be overcome by writing Episode II first, followed by the other two in chronological order.

As I ponder how to write a set of prequels which more accurately fit the tone and themes of the OT, I am struck by the realization that Episode II is the hardest one to do right. There are numerous difficulties that are unique to the task of writing the middle act of a story. It is a large part of why AOTC bombed so hard, because it’s an unenviable task.

If you can make your absolute damndest sure that Episode II is a compelling installment from a story perspective and not merely a series of events which bridge the gap between the start and end of the prequels, yours will be a much more compelling work overall.

I believe a prudent course of action would be to start with writing Episode II, work my way backwards to I, and then jump forwards to III.


How to refer to Star Wars?

The “pile of dramatic heads” look was old before it was born. I would have been perfectly satisfied if the poster of each SW film consisted of…

A deep space background behind a blazing star. The jet black silhouette of a major character in an action pose is cut out of the star, with the lowest point of the character’s silhouette (their toe or something) just barely touching the bottom edge of the foreground star’s circumference.

And below that reads the title, STAR WARS EPISODE (number): (title).

Does anyone else see the picture I am trying to draw with words? I am not much good with photoshop and I am on a phone.

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

So, are they just going to completely gloss over the other students at Luke’s academy? Apparently like most of them died and a handful became Knights of Ren, which seems like something too big to simply ignore. I mean these are apparently the only other trained Force users anywhere. Where the hell are they???

How much in universe time do RotS and TESB cover?

TESB taking place over months makes some sense if you assume the Falcon has reserve foodstuffs to sustain the crew for long journeys. That way Luke has ample time to do his elementary Jedi Knight training with Yoda on Dagobah.

When ROTJ gets involved is the point the timeline starts to confuse me. Luke’s maturity and advanced skills would indicate a significant duration of time has elapsed since Cloud City, perhaps three to five years. Yet they rescue Han on Tatooine which was mentioned as their immediate point of rendezvous at the end of TESB. The Wiki indicates that a year separates TESB and ROTJ. That seems like an attempt to split the difference.

As for how long the events of ROTJ last, I would say it starts with two days for all the Jabba stuff. Then add another day for Luke to return to Dagobah and for Han and Leia to rendezvous with the fleet. Then another day to land on Endor and gain the trust of the Ewoks, the night of which Luke reveals his relation to Leia and surrenders himself to the Imperials. Then the next day is Final Battle Day, when the bunker attack, fleet battle, and throne room fight all happen at once. That is a total of five subjective Earth days elapsed.

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

Is Disney really just going to hope against hope that the billions of movie-watchers who heard Snoke himself utter the phrase “Knights of Ren” in the previous film will never wonder what become of the KoR?

Edit: I ask this rhetorically because they were never touched upon in TLJ and that seems like a glaring omission from the narrative.

Alternative Prequel Ideas

A few of my ideas for a prequel trilogy rewrite.

Anakin was born and raised on the same planet where he fights Obi-Wan and gets burned by lava.

The Sith ruled the galaxy before the Republic. The Republic was founded by Force-sensitive slaves who overthrew their Sith masters.

Palpatine engineered the Clone Wars by secretly transferring cloning tech from a Republic agricultural planet to a warlike species in the Unknown Regions.

The Sequel Trilogy we wanted...

As for an ST “we” would have wanted (“we” being a very nebulous term), it would revolve around Luke’s training of a new generation of Jedi being interrupted by an extra-galactic threat, maybe the Vong or maybe something else. Then at some point in the trilogy, Luke becomes enraged and destroys an entire planet infested with these extragalactic invaders, like he uses the Dark Side to physically annihilate an entire world. This prompts his self-exile, perhaps to be re-discovered and brought back into the fight for Episode IX where he finally dies.

The Sequel Trilogy we wanted...

theprequelsrule said:
Have you never run through alternatives to the Alien 3 film we got and said, “Man, that would have been so much better!”?

Yes. I daydream in this manner frequently regarding movies that did not quite do it for me. In my version of Alien 3, Ripley would have birthed the xenomorph about a third of the way through the film and the Alien would turn out to be a benevolent protector of Newt and Hicks. It might be too “out there” for a lot of people, but at least it would be something new: a heroic Alien.