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Jigsaw: A History of Desperation (Maniac)

I never had any interest in watching any of the SAW franchise movies. My ex-girlfriend bought me the entire series and the reboot because she knew that I liked several of the other horror franchises like Hellraiser and Halloween. I felt there was no comparison. I did, however, try to watch the first movie. I fell asleep a few minutes into it. The entire premise seemed contrived.

So…when I found out that Maniac was spending a ton of time editing the entire catalogue into a single movie…I thought he had lost his mind. Over time, and a with a few of his other edits under my belt, I have come to the conclusion that that reality may have already transpired. However, since this was an edit by Maniac, and his edits freaking rock, I decided to check it out.

Maniac certainly has an intuitive gift for knowing what is truly twisted and disturbing and fully implementing that skill into the art of making other people’s demented movies as dark as the absence of light allows.

Maniac is probably as off the chain as most of these protagonists and likely needs professional help. Editing these movies is likely therapy for him and his personal crazy.

Jigsaw was full throttle balls to the wall nightmare inducing excitement. The three of us, my brother, his wife and I watched it the other night. It doesn’t relent. We were almost breathless and always at the edge of our seat. There are so many of the “choose your fate or die” situations that you don’t really get a chance to come up for air which is awesome if that’s your thing.

We loved that Maniac added a score that was more tension inducing. He probably had little choice since he was editing from at least seven movies. We also loved that he gave you the protagonist’s background and reason for his crazy right out the gate. You also get the reason for his accomplices and their backstories.

The entire affair hits you like a locomotive and speeds through you so fast that it’s over before you realize it.

The audio was perfect. The editing was almost perfect. The narrative was a master feat done exceptionally well and sets an example for others to follow.

Excellent! A master of his craft displaying his twisted psychologically disturbing masterpiece. As good as it gets.

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The Firefly Clan Both Parts by Maniac

WTF?!!! Talk about creepy, whacked out, disturbing-image-inducing, nightmare-causing-demented weirdos!

I never wanted to watch the three movies that these edit were based on (House of 10000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects and 3 From Hell) because of the reviews I read and the stories I heard. What kind of mind does it take to dream up this stuff?

Rob Zombie and Eli Roth need to have lunch…and then shoot each other in the head (not really but they might want to look for Maniac?). This stuff is disturbing because it could actually happen, may have happened, is happening or will happen? That’s when things get disturbing. When you can actually see the potential truth in it. These edits really messed with my head.

And you know what? As you might expect, you can leave it to Maniac to have an even more disturbing vision of how these movies can be spliced together, rearranged as it were, have a few scenes added…eeeewwwwww!, change out some music and take this s#$t to the next level.

3Razor had the “Scary as hell” edits. Maniac should call his the “Disturbing as hell” edits! Seriously, this s#$t will stay with you and mess with your head for a while.

Not for the light hearted.

“Disturbing as hell” seriously.

An almost perfect-hit you upside the head, corkscrew through your temporal lobes, psychotic rollercoaster ride. It’s full speed and non-stop.

It’s seamless, exceptional editing in every aspect.



I can only imagine what he’s done to upgrade The Devil’s Eyes.

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The Lament Box by Maniac

This was a perfect two in one edit for me. I always felt that Hellraiser and Hellbound should have been combined into one movie with about a third of the cheese removed.

What’s not good about those movies is that the acting is atrocious. Not even the guy playing the father, who is much better in other movies, could save it. Not even the subtle porn. Nothing really. I loved these movies because of the story. I mean, seriously, these are the perfect nightmare. I love the part about how the cennobites were people before they “were tempted and got sent to hell”. Real creepy stuff. When you got a story that heavy who cares about the acting?

What Maniac has successfully done, as usual, is re-arrange certain aspects of the movies to accomplish a setup that is more satisfying and creates a more forceful impact. He has removed a lot of the cheese. I mean a lot. He couldn’t remove it all because it would be left as a half hour shock flick that would be very disturbing and confusing. He has added some things that truly make it more terrifying. He did it all in a manner that made it seem like it was meant to be.

I can’t imagine what could have been done better to integrate these two movies into one. Horrible acting aside, “It’s your flesh we want to experience” come on…cheese!,
Maniac has created a much more disturbing vision of a terrifying movie and it’s sequel. Don’t bother with the others. Just horrible from here. But this edit is definitive if you want to experience Hellraiser. My go to version from here on out.

Another incredibly well done edit.

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The Mercedes Killer by Maniac

I had the very rare pleasure of seeing this edit, not only before it was actually released but… drumroll…before watching the series that it was based on, Mr. Mercedes.

Sure, I was familiar with the premise…based on a work by the one and only Stephen King, the story centers on Bill Hodges, a man who left his native Ireland (love that accent) as a teenager and became a cop in the small town of Bridgton, Ohio. After several years of service, He’s now retired, divorced and his daughter hates him. He’s also an alcoholic haunted by a crime he wasn’t able to solve before he retired. Someone stole a Mercedes and used it to drive into a crowd of people waiting for the doors to open at a job fair, killing sixteen people (including an infant).

Two years after the murders, the killer decides to reach out to Hodges and taunt him. The viewer knows the identity of the killer immediately.

That’s all I am going to spoil.

I will say this…this is one whacked out story. I guess that’s why Maniac wanted to take a stab at it (pun intended). It has mystery, horror, sex, incest and masturbation (to his mother, no less and then-to his crime). This guy’s crazy is completely off the chain.

This edit may be as close to perfect as an edit of a television series into a long movie may get. Anjohan may have Game of Thrones down, but there can be no dispute that Maniac has horror down. I watched this coming off of a binge watch of his Hannibal edits. I had high expectations after watching those and reading a few reviews of Mr. Mercedes season one.

I don’t have the technical specs but I can say that the video editing is seamless, almost perfect and obviously of superior quality. The audio was amazing on my home theatre system. I believe there were some alternate music choices used to enhance the effect. I truly felt like I was watching one of Stephen King’s long horror movies. However, this was more a psychological horror than blood and gore (although it is there…in spades). I felt the disturbing cat and mouse game that was being played out as if I was involved. I also felt both-the protagonist’s pain and desire for closure and the antagonist’s torment and desire to unleash the beast-equally.

It was an immersive experience made perfect by the hyperspeed pace and sledgehammer impact of the editing. I don’t believe that I will even bother watching the series now. How could I, after such an experience? (I’m scratching my head thinking that I may go back and watch it again after everyone goes to bed to see if I missed anything). By the way, don’t be shocked to find an easter egg hidden in the movie on the sly.

All things considered, if you are into psychologically disturbing cat and mouse games with a taste of blood and gore, this nearly perfect edit is a must see.

Well done! Two thumbs very enthusiastically held high.