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Amadeus - Theatrical Cut Restoration 1080p (V2)

jimbotron235 said:

Some time ago, I couldn’t keep up with the download requests, so it went up to MySpleen, but now that seems to be a dead-end since they dropped invites. I’d love to rerelease this as a V3. My goal would be to get ahold of the PCM stereo track from one of the laserdisc releases, along with the original commentary. A potential V3 would include the original LD audio, original commentary, LD AC3, DVD AC3 (if materially different from LD), and ISO music track. I don’t have the time or resources to track the laserdisc down or capture the audio, but if someone were to donate it, then I’d jump in on a V3. I would have to start from scratch.

There’s also got to be a better way to remove the “Director’s Cut” title than the way I did before.

If a DCP version exists of the theatrical cut, that’s a game changer. That needs to be out there somehow.

This is very exciting news! I only wish I still had my laserdisc, and player. 😃