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Do any of the Episode IX cuts spare...

…Ben? I genuinely hate that Rey, as Palpatine’s grandchild, ends up taking the Skywalker name while the actual Skywalker bloodline dies with Ben. I generally don’t mind Rey herself at all, but in an evolutionary sense Palpatine wins. His (extremely powerful) bloodline gets to continue. It also felt somewhat underwhelming having his redemption and then death all occur within around half an hour of which he was in maybe five minutes (hyperbole?). Also I secretly wanted him to live so he could go on exiled Knight-Errant adventures.

I’m not sure how one would even go about it, other than cutting away with the kiss and then leaving things ambiguous, but I’ve also noted a lot of impressive changes people have made and so I wondered if anyone had shared my feelings.

What is your personal canon?

I’m new to the forum, so I’m not sure where my take falls, but outside a few wins I’m really not a fan of what Disney has done with Star Wars. I was always a big lover of the EU; so my personal canon is really just ‘Legends’ and as much of TCW as can be fit without contradiction the original Clone Wars media project I grew up with.

That said, there are sparks of what I believe could have been great in the Disney canon, I just feel it gets lost. I genuinely found Ben Solo a better character than Jacen Solo, but I also feel he was wasted, and his story cut short too abruptly. I enjoy the Mandalorian, but I also feel that as it goes on, Grogu is becoming too much of a plot device and too central to who the Mando is, and in a larger sense the character really should have been Boba Fett.