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[REQ] Kite Festival - Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish

To any of the people in Denmark or Scandinavia who has access to Viaplay and a screen recorder or any down-loader,
could any of you please send me the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish versions of a season #1 episode which is #4 of Team Umizoomi, entitled “Kite Festival”? The Danish title for it is: Drage Festivalen.

Here are the links:

Here’s the Danish description and all the audio options:
Når et vindstød blæser stykkerne fra Jannies drage væk, må Team Umizoomi lede efter stykkerne.

Audio Tracks: Dansk (Danish), Svensk (Swedish), Norsk (Norwegian), Finsk (Finnish)

Hopefully, it’ll be an .MKV file with all 4 languages with Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish too.

I’d really love to see it! 😃 Also please let me know. Thanks very much!!!


Moderator Edit: the poster owns the ‘Team Umizoomi’ German and Italian language dvds (so owns the official release).