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STAR WARS: The Torrents thread
im proud to bring you this fine release

-----------Halloween 6 The Producers Cut---------
-------------------Fanmade DVD-------------------
-----Ripped And Brougt To You By Alfredsson------


Halloween 6 was completely reworked after Donald Pleasence's
death in 1995, with a new beginning and an extended reshoot
for the ending. A different score was created as well as various
reshoots and script changes. This resulted in a version so different
from the original that it's like watching another film altogether.
This rare Collector's DVD restores the film to it's original state
with over 43 minutes of alternate footage missing from the theatrical
release re-edited back in for a seamless viewing experience.
You get a completely different ending where Dr. Loomis does not
die and the character of Jamie has a very different fate.
All of this adds up to a far superior and more fleshed out
film than the theatrical release. This DVD is presented in Widescreen .
It has excellent Digitally Remastered audio and video quality .
This special Collector's Edition DVD is loaded
with extra features not found on any other release.
NTSC Region 0 DVD will play in North American/Canadian players as
well as any player worldwide that can play NTSC DVDs.


*43 Minutes of Additional Footage Re-edited in
*Aspect Ratio: Widescreen [1.85:1]
*Alternate Score Promotional Featurettes
*Rare "Behind-the-Scenes" footage "Entertainment Tonight"
*Feature English and Spanish Subtitles (removable)
*Theatrical and Teaser Trailers
*Interactive Menu/Chapter Stops
*Running Time: Approx. 93 Minutes
*Region 0
*Unrated and Uncut


Head on over to and you´ll find it there
other ld-rips to dvd movies ex. blade runner int cut, songs of the south, frighteners dir cut
-Tyrell's death scene is more graphic with two additional shots of Batty's thumbs poking Tyrell's eyes.
-Additional footage of the fight between Deckard and Pris. This version shows Pris inserting two fingers into Deckard's nose and pulling it backward. It also shows Deckard ------shooting Pris 3 times to kill her, whereas the Domestic & Director's Cut versions only show him shooting her twice.
-Additional shot of Batty pushing the nail through the palm of his hand and then showing it come through the back of it.
-Deckard's narration and happy ending included.
other ld-rips to dvd movies ex. blade runner int cut, songs of the south, frighteners dir cut
ReverendBeastly -> i made a transfer to your paypal right now, it a good start.
I really like the idea of getting my money back so i transferd alot

But how about setting upp a new tread for this, so we get a better owerview and dont hijack this tread to mush

and please contact me trough 031928007 at bredband dot net, i like to get fully insight on the project as it follows
other ld-rips to dvd movies ex. blade runner int cut, songs of the south, frighteners dir cut
so, i bought a 4 disc set of blade runner on ebay, includes the international cut, on the edge documentary and a dallas/denver screening workprint

i´ve also got two different frighteners sets, set no1 is 2 discs, movie on one and making of on the other, complete with menus, source is Ld to vhs to dvd, so quality isnt the best
set no2 is a Ld-player to dvd recorder version, lame menus, this versions got the movie and commentary on disc1 and making of on disc2

so if anyone is interested, lmk my pm is on