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Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

JJPotter said:

Trust me, that event continues to plague me, which is why on the preview of this new intro you will find a pretty good-sized watermark on it. I still find references to the guy that took my preview edits. They are still on YouTube and there isn’t much I can do about them. So I choose to move forward. I have enjoyed getting back into editing lately and I’m not going to let someone from the past take that away.

On that note, here is the new intro section that will be used on both Deathly Hallows Part 1 and the combined Deathly Hallows edit. The new intro includes the Dudley Redemption scene with green screens replaced. To accomplish this, I used Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI to upscale the footage to 4K and to smooth out some of the pixelation from the low res footage. This allowed for better masking of the green screen in some parts as well as allowing me to crop some of the green screen areas out completely.

I know that for some the intro will be way too long and the “flow” of it will have been broken by this addition. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, including whether to like this change or not. If you don’t like it, the current versions do not have this added in. To me, this scene is critical and should have never been cut. It had such an impact on me when I read the book the first time, so for v2.0 this scene will be there.

I also added sound effects when Hermione does the Obliviate spell as her pictures are removed from the frames. Some minor color tweaking was also done.

Dude this looks incredible!! Please let me know when DH1 is done.

IT: The King Cut (Released)

thegreatredragon said:

Hey everyone, new user here, new faneditor.

Earlier this year, I struck out to make a fanedit of Andy Muschietti’s IT films, combining the two films and changing/removing certain elements. I know Muschietti has spoken about his own supercut adding in new scenes but as of now it’s nowhere to be seen.

What this edit does:

“The King Cut”, as you may guess, refers to Stephen King. The films are cut together to follow the chronology of the novel as closely as possible, while still retaining a coherent flow of plot. I’ve also changed/removed certain things that annoyed me or broke continuity in one particular instance.

Here’s how it plays out

-Chapter one starts with Georgie in the rain as usual
-When Pennywise appears in the drain, the jump scare cue is removed and replaced by a low rumbling sound to fill the void.
-The chapter one title card plays and transitions into Mike’s narration from Chapter 2
-Chapter two starts, the title card is removed
-Chapter two plays out about the same, except the scenes involving bowers are removed
-After Mike gives Bill the weird magic tea and he has his vision, the movie flashes back to chapter one, which picks up with Mike in the farm
-Chapter one plays more or less as normal
-When Ben kisses Beverly in the sewer, the poem revelation is removed. This is because it’s not consistent with the book (neither is Bev getting kidnapped but I can’t remove that without ruining the whole plot), and it is not followed up on in Chapter 2 or even in the end of Chapter 1 (Bev kisses Bill at the end, and in Chapter 2 she doesn’t remember that Ben wrote the poem, just like the book.)
-Chapter one ends and segways into all the Henry Bowers scenes cut from Chapter 2
-Chapter 2 plays, and a few bathos moments are changed (bill breaking silver, eddie and richie in the hallucination with the dog.)

I have a youtube video here showing most of the changes made. It doesn’t include the Eddie and Richie scene.

Please PM me if you’re interested in seeing it.

Any chance for a link?