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<em>Star Wars</em> Sequel Trilogy - Rewrites &amp; Ideas Discussion Thread

I think it works better if Rey is a prequel era force user, a jedi who never became a jedi knights padawan, instead working in the republic medical corps. Shes skilled at the light side and life. and has taught herself much in a long long life. A life blessed by the force as her ally. keeping her youthful. relatively.

she is on a world, not jakku. instead this world is more forest like and full of life, the ruins of old droid ships are wrecked on the planet. it became a forbidden planet for some years until further into the era of the empire when it became a scrapper world. Older starships orbit it still, wielded together into orbital cities. Nothing special exists about this world except the cities and people that inhabit them. Rey is at home here. Until events unfold.

Poe Dameran is dispatched by Leia after the star killer base moves towards destroying hosnian prime. it has fired its blasts, they left a rippling wake as they travelled through hyperspace for weeks. starships reported them and the new republic began evacuating the hosnian worlds when it was estimated their path. They didnt know if it was a invasion or a doomsday weapon. but they could guess either way it was better to get every civilian off world. the military reinforced defense positions in orbital yards and moved their ships to defend it.

It was all pointless. Hosnian prime was destroyed, other worlds fell. and the republic evacuated. a reprisal strike was prepared but the first order sent a warning message that any world that launched a reprisal or was detected to have its fleet leaving, would be targeted next by the star killer base. the surrender of the republic would begin slowly. at a proper pace. first. the first order sent its fleets to determine where the republic would sign their fate over.

Leia Organa-Solo wouldn’t wait or stand. Poe was sent immediately on reconnaissance as Leia mobilized the fleet of New Alderaan. It was a small colony and all their people boarded the ships, rather then risk being left behind.

Poe is captured in the star killers home system. its not mobile yet. engines are being constructed so it can be moved to the center of the galaxy, so as to have its beams reach further faster and with more security of striking true.

Finn cant stand whats happening with the destruction of worlds and breaks Poe free when he says he can save the galaxy and lead a fleet back to destroy star killer base.

Finn is a First Order officer, in charge of engineering systems and advanced repair functions for star killer base.

finn gets Poe to a shuttle and use a stolen passkey, after breaking into a few lockers to find the right one.

As they flee they are pursued by a first order star destroyer with immobilizer fields. Interdiction projectors.

As they approach where they need to get, a branching path to lose the ship following them, they come out of hyper space over Reys world. and the star destroyer appears too soon for them to get into position for the next jump.

Seven well placed turbolaser shots fry out the shields and tear off a wing. The ship starts spinning and they lose alignment. breaking from their position they crash onto the planet for safety among a sprawling city, just at its edge.

meanwhile the star destroyer is now finding itself interdicted by a defense fleet of multiple destroyers and cruisers and frigates. Chaos descends as the fire fight begins. The Captains communicate and are threatened to cease fire on the first order ship or they will have their world destroyed. but that is not something this world knows of and they just scramble all long range communications into and out of the system as they begin trying to take out the star destroyers engines.

star fighters and shuttles are launched by the star destroyer with orders to recapture Poe and the Spy who broke him out. Then to leave straight back to the star killer base.

We cut to people seeing their injuries and talk is mentioned whether to bring them to a medical facility or to just get the local witch.

They bring the two unconscious from the shuttle to the witch. Rey treats them and helps them gain conscious.

They thank her and ask her help to get a new craft to get to the republic, Poe offers to have her recompensed when he arrives to New Republic space.

Rey refuses. instead she leads them to her home. A abandoned YT 1300 freightor.

As they go inside she brings them to the engineering system and has them help her restore the engines power systems and to bring everything into working order.

meanwhile in orbit the battle is decided. The orbiting ships have acquisced to the first order star destroyer after losing several cruisers and frigates. The First Order ship is severely grazed and harmed, as are the star destroyers flanking it. They agree to let them retrieve the spy and poe. but they refuse to help capture people running from them.

As frustration builds they settle for them staying out of the way and are thankful they didnt sustain further damage to the ship.

The locals didnt want to risk losing more of their fleet to bring it down. It wouldnt have brought them any good to bring it down beyond more scrap to wield into their orbital cities.

As the stormtroopers on the surface finally coerce citizens into showing them where the witch lives, local police forces get in a firefight with them over their treatment of the locals. the firefight involves several mech walkers that are brought down by first order stormtroopers and tie fighter support arrives too late to help.

as they make their way to the witches house. they find it sitting their.

The First order troopers race to the ramp to find it locked. and as they approach they are repelled by a shield.
The Millinium Falcon lifts off the ground and goes roaring along the surface as Ties chase it.

The fire fight between the Ties and the Falcon is one way.

The Falcon out maunevers and twists evading nearly all the fire. As if a Witch truly were at the controls.

Inside we find Poe and Finn trying to bring the quad cannons online but only one of them powers up. Finn begins shooting finally.

Rey continues piloting with twists and turns, following the guidance of the force as it shows her the path.

Above the sight of a Star Destroyer starts to follow them.

Rey shouts to Poe, telling him to come put in the coordinates he wants to go to.

As they work together the Falcon rises into high orbit. Spaces view of the stars greet them. The Star Destroyer fires bolts of laser cannons at them. The star destroyer is far out of range but the turbolasers slide by as Rey spins the falcon and then settles it in for a quick entry to hyper space.

Rey talks with Finn and Poe and out of curiosity studies them both. She decides to share with them brief lessons on intuition. seeing if she can sense the force in them. she does get a glimmer of something. and grins.

Finn agrees to train with her and learn about the force side by side, as compatriots rather then master and apprentice.

Poe is impressed and Rey says he could study and see if he finds some intuition to further enhance his natural abilities.

They agreeably work together and she teaches them to meditate first.

We go to The New Alderaanian fleet. Leia is being threatened by the new republic command for going off on her own and abandoning her position as General of New Alderaan. She assures them she hasnt abandoned a single citizen of New Alderaan and that they take these steps, together.

Leia sighs and studys a image of luke. she wonders where he is.

we go to luke. he is studying a hologram of the history of the galaxy. sitting on a mountain ledge. the sky full of stars above. Luke sighs and enters a deep meditation. as if seeing events unfold he watches leia and her fleet. sees the remnants of the hosnian fleets as they go to find homes for their citizens they evacuated in time. he sees Rey and a spark of hope lights in him, he sits up straighter. watching finn poe and rey meditate. its as if they can see each other for a brief moment and luke smiles deeply.

LUKE: “Finally… it’s time then.”

Sitting back Luke smiles and changes the hologram to showing a map of something else. a strange world of steps and stairs rising through the stars. it is a simulated entry in his holographic library.

Luke: “I am coming Leia. But I will be too late. For that… I am sorry. I will do what must be done however it can be done.”

the scene returns to rey as they bring the ship out of hyperspace and greet Leia and the fleet she has.

A new republic battle fleet is holding Leia’s fleet at bay with Interdictor cruisers keeping anyone from entering hyper space.

shouting on the comms erupts demanding their IDs and who they are.

Introducing themselves Leia shouts on comms that its about time.

Poe asks whats going on.

Admiral Holdo introduces herself and demands that they land on her command ship and surrender. That the New Alderaanian fleet under General Leia is being disbanded and ordered to return to their homeworlds. and that Leia is under arrest for courtmartial for neglect of duty to the republic.

Confused but not taking it sitting down. Poe grins. We wont sit down for this.

Poe has Rey fly the ship through the blockade of republic ships and make it pursued by several frigates trying to catch them with tractor beams, they fire through faster then they can pursue and dock in Leias command ship.

making their way to the bridge, all three are escorted by security. Rey offers to turn over her lightsaber. seeing it the guards are cautious yet hopeful.

As they make their way in Borsk Feylia is on the communications system shouting at Leia to surrender herself for the good of the republic.

Rey introduces her self as the Jedi Rey. Everyone turns their heads including Borsk on hologram. He demands to see who claims to be a jedi and have them put on monitor immediately.

As everything works through Leia greets them and introduces Rey to Borsk on the holo comms

I know what it means to survive under the grip of the empire… I have done it since the last days of the old republic to the last days of Chancellor… Emperor… Palpatines reign. I do not have to like, and I do not have to go through it again. I will help however I can in defeating whatever new battlestation has you frightened. If it requires I lose my life to save the galaxy from nightmares under a new empire, so be it. Why do you fear them so much? Allow us to fight, order this other fleet to come with us. Two fleets working together would make a task force to destroy any battle station surely.

Admiral Holdo comes on the Holo comms and refuses to go, shes already putting her home system in enough danger.

As the argueing and fighting unfolds Borsk nods.

Borsk: I, acting chief until a vote can take place, give you authority General Leia, to command your fleet and destroy the super weapon that destroyed the hosnian prime worlds. see to it you do not come back unless it is destroyed. our fates rest in your hands. Admiral Holdo. You will escort them to the edge of republic space to make sure they get that far. and wait there for them. you may be needed once they assault the station that holds this weapon. You should accompany them but I do not have the authority to order you to leave republic space without a vote to grant me that power. This is emergency power only to last until a new ruler is chosen, not to order fleets about. but sometimes we have to break rules dont we. Go, may the force be with you.

The fleet bursts through Holdo’s lines and Holdo reluctantly follows to the edge of republic space. watching them continue on she sighs and flips a coin in the air.

Holdo: May the force be with us all.

Leia leads the attack on star killer base coming out firing right at the base as soon as they identify its huge power source as the only identifiable station in the system beyond its defense fleets.

Seven Mon Calamari Cruisers lance straight past every star destroyer hurting laser blasts right into star killer base.

As the star fighters go straight where the mon calamari cruisers are firing, aiming to get through gaps in the shields created by the massive amount of fire. Frigates Cruisers star destroyers and even dreadnoughts accompany them all aiding with their fire power. The full force of New Alderaan. Never to let another planet be destroyed again like so many had.

Star fighters burst through the shields, some colleided with the moving shields filling in gaps. most got through with great fortune as Rey was meditating and guiding the targeting for the fleet against the shields to create as many chances for the star fighters as possible. Rey sat on the bridge of Leias command ship deep in the power of the force and guiding on a hologrid before her where the fleet should fire and for how long.

the look of Finn on his face was impressed as he watched the star fighters make their way through.

Poe was leading the assaults and making it through the shield gaps.

Torpedos and explosions ripped the surface of starkiller base… hundreds of star fighters flying all over its surface and looking for entry into the lasers power structure. finding it atlast.

the star destroyers continued pummeling their fleet and now they turned their attention and began focus firing on the star destroyers one at a time though sparing shots for others when their weapons couldnt reach the main target.

the planetary shield suddenly collapsed as more buildings went down. Poe and seven star fighters began a long chain reaction inside a vast facility burried under the surface as they flew through a reactor pit that they got to through a construction yard where AT AT walkers were made. larger ships flew over the surface pursueing the fighters, some turned to fight them. but nearly every fighter flew faster and faster to focus on ravaging star killer base. not knowing if it would blow up or just be crippled for awhile for repairs.

The critical moment came. Rey sensed it and told them through the coms.

A long chasm on its surface lead deep into it. and it was along side that chasm the critical weakness lay… shield generators not for the planets outer defenses. but shields for its inner defenses, to stabilize its vast energy it produced on a collosal level.

They blew out shields and leveled the structures around the chasm. Now the world ripped, and tore. earthquakes and volatile energy broke through its surface.

A man on its surface came running to a shuttle a distance away. leaping into it at unimaginable speeds. gifted as only force users were. he brought its engines online, and flew off as others followed him. Kylo Ren left as the planet was being torn apart.

The star destroyers had managed to destroy several mon calamari cruisers and a dreadnought. but the star fighters were back. still in the hundreds though easily missing more then 50, more then a hundred. They had no time for recriminations and only time to make the empire pay.

They cut through tie fighter squadrons that had been straffing the fleet. they flew bombing runs on star destroyers engines and shield systems. Powerful torpedos left. but soon most were gone. and pilots were reporting empty on torpedos now. only a few specialized bomber squadrons still had torpedos, due to impressive clip sizes like the B wing modifieds that Alderaanian pilots loved now. No more pacifists that would sit by as their home was destroyed. Alderaan would not ever be the same, it was gone, her people would not be the same. but most of those left to survive, would survive. and live.

The fleet gathered what was left and leapt away. The star destroyers that were not crippled gave chase with support cruisers and other ships. Star Killer Base was broken and shuddering with earthquakes, avenged for the Hosnian systems planets, but still standing. Just notfunctional without rebuilding everything from scratch.

The planet rippled and fire and lava leapt out. fields of mountains rose up.

And the system was empty of ships, except for a single shuttle, that went after the fleets that had just left. a angry kylo ren, seeking reason as to what happened to his planet

arriving in the system where Holdo was waiting, Leia turned her ships around and ordered Holdo to bring the Immobilizer fields on line. Holdo complied after getting the response she needed first. Yes, the mission was a success. Their weapon platform was destroyed. The First Order fleet arrived. Star destroyers and cruisers now looking ready to run on seeing two fleets. The fire fight broke out. Newly replenished, starfighters launched with full new payloads of torpedos.

the battle was painfully swift. For the Empires loss. Kylo Ren arrived and watched it unfold. He managed to fly out of the gravity field and leave to report his findings to a higher up.

Rey Poe Finn and Leia all recieve accomadations from Chancellor Borsk Feylia who has been voted into his office officially now, and gained much power from Leias actions. Admiral Holdo nods and recieves a award as well.

The survivors of alderaan and Hosnian primes worlds, all cheer on holo channels this is played across the republic. and the cheering is grand.

on a strange dark world. luke sits happily seeing the events unfold. and he speaks lightly.

Luke: I am proud of you Leia. I am sorry I won’t be there in time. But I am proud of you.

The scene shifts to Kylo kneeling before someone. Snoke like. real. and very full of quiet unsettling observance. Long robes of ether like darkness drape him. 8 guards in black sit in meditation on the ground. two in red stand at the door.

Snoke: You have done poorly. your next mission. will be to train. until you are worthy to fight a jedi. I am sending you to a powerful Master from before the rise of the Empire. A former Jedi. You will learn much from him. and I expect you to be able to utilize the holocrone I present to you now, by the time you return. You will go now. And do not return without great power and knowledge youngling. I expect great results.

Leia sits quietly at a Bed side and holds Han’s hands. Hes in a coma.

Rey walks to her.

Rey: I will try to revive him. If what you say is true, that he has been in a coma for years… from a dark side attack… I will do what I can.

Rey works and works with feverish resolve and Finn watches. Finally Rey motions Finn to join her.

Together they cast powerful force abilities using tremondous will. Han twitches. Rey forces more energey through him. Revitalizing his body, waking his mind, flushing the taint of the dark side from him.

Han: father? Mother? WHo? where am I?

Leia: Han, sweet heart. your with me, your wife. I was worried about you for so long… but your back.

Leia hugs han deeply and longly before giving a grateful nod and showing Rey to Han, Finn stands by.

Leia: Meet Rey, shes a Jedi healer from the new republic it seems. a gift from the force she was. she fell into our lap in a direst of times. and she saved you. i am glad you are back honey. Now we can be whole again. a familiy. Next we have to find Luke finally. and then with him, this time… hes had so much time, surely he will turn back to us now.

Han looks like a world hit him and he comes together.

Han: Maybe, it would be like him to come back once everythings had enough time to settle. he wasnt one to quickly forgive or allow himself to be forgiven. but he has to accept it eventually. his scorn wont do forever. thank you, jedi rey. and your companion?

Rey: He is Finn, hes a defector from the Empire, he freed one of your Pilots and helped talk me into joining you. It seems he has some force aptitude so we may train together, perhaps you will have two force healers with time.

Han nods weakly.

Han: Perhaps.

Han and Leia kiss more knowingly this time and the film goes to credits.

Worst Edit Ideas

i actually thought giving R2 dialogue in The Phantom Menace might be funny, and have him talking with the other R2 units and droids in scenes where they are together and imply the only reason Aniken can fly the fighter or launch it is because R2 needed to wait for a pilot to be in the seat before he could take off, and basically R2 turns out to be the real pilot for most of the flying and the reason the fighter autopilots into the battle zone is because that is R2 literally leading him into battle and using him as a meat shield to join his fellow astromech brethren in the glory of combat against the taller droids. Eventually Anakin grows on R2, but it starts out a very rough and abusive relationship where R2 is just trying to fit in with his fellow astromechs. He even volunteers for the suicide mission of flying into the droid ship and blowing it up from the inside out, that is why anakin spins out of control and ends up in their, hes fighting for control of the fighter from R2 and basically losing the entire way.

The beauty of this edit is it explains alot of how events happen and why Anakin becomes such a famous pilot, because of his droid using him for his own glory among his droid brethren

Links to the SW music videos, SW fake trailers, and TLJ review i made includes OT PT and ST material

The Phantom Menace and two songs Evgunia Laguna and Deja Vou.

Star Wars A New Hope music video using Bad Guy

The Empire Strikes Back music video using Eyes without a Face. (re-titled, Eyes without a mask)

Return of the Jedi music video using Take me Out. Features the arching theme of Anakins redemption.

A New Hope mixed with The Force Awakens, and the song Cinema. Its about Luke’s dreams and the films as well cinema.

Rise of Skywalker and the music is Cry Little Sister. (Titled Twin Fates)

I wrote a sequal script to follow up and fix peoples complaints in the sequel trillogy and i call it Rise of Skywalker PART II. as its like the second half of the story that everyone wants to have everything make sense. So I will relink that script here at the end and the next videos are fake trailers to that would be movie.





just for fun i made a video where luke doesn’t throw the lightsaber away, in fact he gives it back to her but keeps it somehow… woops… lets go with force trickery on that one, or he had a second one.

Review of TLJ comparing TLJ to Harry Potter key points and … curious possibilities because of it, was Harry Potter a point of inspiration like Kurosawa was?

and of course… Sequal to Rise of Skywalker aka skywalker part II

Brief Arnold cross over with… Carl… from Terminator something something.

A Visions style tale +Bonus Script as a Sequel to Rise of Skywalker.

ok here is my script for a Visions episode that would flesh out characters we see briefly in The Force Awakens during the destruction of the Hosnian Prime. It also features several Bridge crews from Starships that serve the New Republic and attempt to save the Hosnian People.


Here is the ideas I put together after hearing peoples complaints about the sequel films and the rise of skywalker, so i thought why not make it a better trilogy by creating a film script that stitches together a dozen or more different central complaints, and fixing it in a sensible story that is what happened, from a certain point of view. and we see several different points of view in it, including an adventure briefly by R2 and C3PO while they are on their own.


And lastly one bonus script, that is sort of a “Legends” story that tries to make a film borrowing from the pre-disney eu and creates a story for Luke and Han where they have to save their kids and avenge Leia.


ahh I welcome all criticism whether positive or negative is fine, I always try to improve so anything even remotely helpful even if its critical is welcome. Anything purely insulting… well what am I going to do to stop it or keep it from happening? Not much I can do. Hopefully people find elements of the stories they like, and feel free to spread the stories I guess in case you know anyone who wants to read it, If anythings good enough to get me a job someday writing short stories for disney or even tv show episodes for lucas film. well that is the dream I suppose.

AuroraUplinks@gmail.com is my email please dont sign me up for spam? I really do just want to become a writer someday to make people happy with stories they enjoy and can have a good time watching. If they grow from the stories or find something important all the better.