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Obi-Wan Kenobi Redux Ideas Thread

The three scenes that annoy me the most is the end of the first vader battle, were Obi Wan is saved by fire. That Vader can either walk through (as he has in other stories walked on lava), jump over and or around, or just put it out or lifted Obi Wan over it.

It’s a hard fix, but I think the easiest solution, might just be to just cut to black after the explosion and then go to Obi Wan waking up in the tank. Because whatever the audience imagines in their head will be better.
(I know you can say that part of Anakin was disappointed in the battle, and or felt sorry for him. Or maybe just repaired Obi Wan for leaving him after he got burned. So he let him escape, but at that scene it didn’t really land that well.)

Another alternative could be to add extra blasters going of by the end, so it’s sound like she got support after blowing up the tank. Then Vader would at least have had something else to worry about.

The other scene is when he pulls down the spaceship and the real one just sits in the background and then takes off. Again here it feels like they want to go with that Vader’s force stamina is just exhausted after one attack, but that is not portrayed well either.

However the scene is rather fun to see him pull down a ship. So to fix it, it’s better to try and have the other one take off, just as Vader rips the other one appart. IF it can be aligned with some masking. Then he would at least be occupied as it gets up in the air. Could also cut to Reva getting up behind him earlier so we can see that his focus now is on her.

Last is when he stabs Reva after just telling her that Siths sometimes survive that exakt stab. I mean it’s a really odd scene, since they didn’t make it look like Vader wanted to give her another chance, but maybe if something is added, it can sound like he tried to make her get more powerful in hopes of her going after Obi and the rest in someway (So it’s proceeded that he is still playing mind games with her). Or just cut the scene with the reveal with the inquisitors return, and the earlier stab he received by Reva so that he is just alive somewhere in the background. Then they won’t at least make fun of her for failing to kill someone with a stab as Vader then proceeds to do the same.

The NumeralJoker/MechaSalesman 4K HDR Edits Megathread, Clips Previews, and Release Info

inmyslumber said:

I know it’s still being released, but hoping you have plans to do Obi-Wan once the season wraps?

Yeah the only thing that was positive with Obi was the thought that The NumeralJoker/MechaSalesman most likely will make this into a epic story. 😄

Seen and love all your star wars edits.

Idea Wanted... for solving Game of Thrones: The Ending Chapters

My take on the whole thing is everything went according to Bran’s plan.
Bran is actually the villain in the entire game of thrones story.
Ever since he gained his power and learned about his mind control ability that he used on Hodor, he set out to get revenged.
The Night King, since his great power and sees him as a threat, and sets out to stop him, but sadly fails.
Then when ever Bran has contact with people in the rest of the seasons they revert to a closer version of how he saw them in his mind.
That is why King Slayer returns to his old self after apologizing to Bran, why the Dragon lady becomes evil and burns the city that murdered his father. And many more of the quick character changes is for Bran to seek out his vengeance and take over the world.