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STAR WARS Episode IX: Duel of the Fates Re-Write 2nd Draft

Hadrian sunrider said:

AD576 said:

Yes, it’s still in progress. There’s a lot of changes to it so it might take a few weeks. But I do plan on uploading it once I’m finished.

Love how you replaced Vallum with Ragnos

Really improves connectivity to past Star Wars stories

Thank you, I thought that Tor Vallum kind of contradicted the whole “Rule of Two”. So I did some research and remembered Ragnos from Jedi Academy. I loved the idea of a twisted version of the force ghost and I implemented that into the story. I’m planning on writing a new scene in my 3rd draft where there’s a bit more expansion instead of introducing the character and then the next scene killing him off.

STAR WARS Episode IX: Duel of the Fates Re-Write 2nd Draft

Hello everyone! As many of you probably know, ever since the Colin Trevorrow & Derek Connolly script leaked there’s been a conversation on what if this was the version that came out instead of TROS. As much as I personally enjoyed reading Trevorrow’s script, it was entirely perfect. Due to it being only a first draft, there were things in it that I disagree with. Things like the Rey/Poe romance subplot, Threepio killing an enemy droid, etc. So I figured, why not make a second draft and try to improve the script. Just to clarify, this is my own second draft of the script. I know that there’s an official second draft that Trevorrow personally wrote after Carrie Fisher’s passing, but for whatever reason it’s not available online. I’m sharing this draft to the community because I would really appreciate the feedback. I plan on doing two more drafts but having the feedback would allow me to create the best version of the script as possible. Please be respectful and offer constructive criticism on this project. Thank you for your support.