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CBS Fox Star Wars VHS Blu Ray box - Inspired by Blu Ray Rewinds collection

I couple weeks a go i walked into a HMV shop, and stumbled the Blu Ray rewind collection of selected films. This included Films such as Back to the Future.

Inspired by this, I have created a work in progress version of the original Star Wars VHS boxes released by CBS FOX.

- Inspiration

This is a reproduction of the original 1977 VHS box, created to (hopefully) fit Harmy’s Despecialised version of the original film.

- My design

With inspiration of the HMV collection, the main body and sleeve of the box will be either created using grey/chipboard or a heavy card stock. For the content and holder for the disc itself, within the sleeve, i will most likely use chip/grey board. I also need to finish adding the text and finalize the correct font

(Sorry if it doesn’t look as good for now, its my first time uploading an idea to original trilogy).