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Mighty Jack (Sandy Frank English Version Reconstruction) (Released)

Mighty Jack was a 1968 spy-themed tokusatsu series from Ultraman creator Tsuburaya Productions. In 1987, Sandy Frank cut together footage from two episodes, dubbed them into English, and released Mighty Jack the movie, made infamous by MST3K.
Unfortunately, the only copies of this film available are rather poor VHS transfers (both DVD releases suffer from this unfortunately). Therefore, I decided to reconstruct the full film using the Japanese DVD set of the show!


1. I have remade the “Mighty Jack” and the “The End” titlecards in Photoshop. They aren’t 100% perfect, but I’m happy with them.
2. I redid the “Sandy Frank Presents” and “A Sandy Frank Production” cards by superimposing the VHS text over DVD quality backgrounds.
3. The opening credits are VHS quality. They would take way too long to redo!
4. After Atari’s car has been taken by the helicopter net, there is a shot of his radio. A different take was used for the US version because the Japanese version uses hardcoded subtitles since the voice was speaking another language. Since I wanted to remove as much VHS footage as possible, this shot unfortunately features the subs.
5. Interestingly, for all the other shots featuring subtitles, the US version just cropped them out, which is what I have also done for consistency.
6. While the majority of the film is made up of episodes 1 and 6 of the show (as per Wikipedia), there are a few shots taken from episodes 4 and 11. These include shots of Mighty Jack dodging and firing missiles, an extended villa destruction scene, and the captain listening to the radio in his dressing gown.
7. Half of these missile shots were colour-corrected in the US version due to the episode 1 footage taking place at night. It seems they gave up halfway through the roughly 1 minute scene and just left the rest as daytime shots. Therefore, I have done the same. In addition, there were two shots where they tinted the sky dark blue. It looks quite bad, but I have recreated this effect as faithfully as I could.

If you would like to watch this reconstruction, it is on YouTube with a download link in the description, or if you’d prefer, I can send you a DL link on here.