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Inferno (Dario Argento, 1980) – 35mm Scan opportunity (WIP) - Help Wanted

This is my favorite movie ever made. I am in! I have seen it on 35mm twice. It was VERY clean with no fading and was closest to the Blue Underground Bluray (the blacks are deep and the whites are stark and shiny and sleek) It was in English so maybe it was struck in the late 80s for the Fox release? Not sure but it was definitely LPP. I can’t imagine what a faded print of this would look like though. Even if slightly faded, I just don’t see how those blues could come out unharmed. But would be interested to see!
And btw, the movie isn’t about witchcraft, its about alchemy. 😉 The film gets labeled as plotless and dream logic, but after several viewings, reading the de Quincy Three Mothers source material, and studying countless reviews and essays online, you realize it has a somewhat straightforward story that makes sense. Its not just random pretty images. Whats brilliant is the film is about an esoteric subject, and as such, feels esoteric. Could talk about this movie for days! I too prefer it to Suspiria. Its not as “in your face” bombastic, but it casts such a hypnotic, insidious spell that you can just melt into.