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Info Wanted: Jurassic Park - 35mm Restoration Project? Where is it? :(

leo7854 said:

I would really like to get both the Open-Matte V1.0 as well as the V2.0 if possible.
I have the Superwide 1.0 version of this, but no access to any private trackers to download those 2 versions (unfortunately).
I would really like to get those for collector’s purposes.
Can anyone upload them to some Filehost that doesn’t require a Premium Account to get them, please?
Thank you.
I can share the Superwide 1.0 version of this, as well The Matrix 35mm, if you guys are interested.

Dang. The one person I’ve seen willing to share what they have of this project, and they’re looking for the same version I am! Lol. Do you have some screenshots of the Superwide 1.0 so I can compare it to BluRay?

LOTR EE Color Restoration: The Fellowship of the Ring (Released) and The Two Towers (a WIP)

Dwalin said:

It turns out that The Theatrical Edition of The Two Towers also suffered from digital noise reduction.

Hey there! What’s the progress like on TT? I just finished up building a subtitle track for the non-hardcoded Elvish dialogue and adding in all the commentary tracks, so I think until the UHD release, I have my ideal FoTR copy for Plex! Thanks for the killer work