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BANNED BOND: The Criterion Collection on DVD (Released)
DN, FRWL, GF and TB are the most improved of all, especially because they are cropped correctly, showing the true aspect ratio of the movie, and showing more detail. The colors and contrast levels were just improved, with no noticeable changes at all. For the other movies, that depends of the viewer. In my case, some changes were hard to understand, like the colors in You Only Live Twice, wich were muted for most of the picture, ruining the photography of Freddie Young. It's a kind of mixed bag, really. Some movies became great (DN, FRWL, GF, MR, just for a example), other became great but with some questionable changes (OHMSS is the only on my head right now, but there are others), and others are just "good" going down to "crap" (Pierce Brosnan's Movies). The Roger Moore's films in the 80's have been photographed by Alan Hume, and had, on previous editions, a high level of brightness on the picture. I don't know it was intentional, but it was "corrected" on the UEs. I liked this "correction", but I think that someone on this world didn't. Like I said, that just depends of the viewer: If he watched the previous editions, and if he prefers "reality" to "preservation".

I have the coverage and review of the Ultimate Editions by the 007 magazine, if I wasn't clear enough (due to my bad english, I believe ) . If you want it, just send me a PM.

About the seeds, yes, I need, because there are one guy seeding the torrents, but another guy and me are getting download rates at 0.4 KB/s. If you could seed this, I would be very glad. But, I am just downloading Dr. No, because my HD is full, and can´ t afford more 4 GB right now. By the time I (hope) finish the download, I will clean my HD from some stupid things that I have here and continue seeding, and start on the next movie (wich I think is gonna be GF, because I am waiting for the new edition of FRWL by Fanfiltration!). If you could help us with the torrent, I will be most glad!!
BANNED BOND: The Criterion Collection on DVD (Released)
Originally posted by: skyjedi2005

Does anyone know what the director's and cinematographers intentions were and were these followed by Lowry During restoration?

Definitely not. The movies have been "updated" to mordern audiencies. That means that a lot of contrast levels and coloros were "corrected" to look "real", wich gets rid with the original intentions of the cinematographers. The sound effects have been updated as well, like the gun shots and explosions. Ted Moore's characteristic photography consisted in very saturated coloros, wich was not the case on some Ultimate Editions. And, some scenes are really messed up, with some bad errors, like when Thunderball: The scene when Quist is thrown in the pool, there's a shot of the water becoming red with his blood On the first releases of the UE, the "red" have been removed, due a misinterpretation of the software responsible for "color correction". And so on the other editions. The most surprising edition is Goldeneye, wich became worse with the remastering: the picture were cropped and the image is very dark. But, the remastering work of the first four movies were great.

I have some videos with some comparision shots between the Special Editions and Ultimate Editions, if it's not forbidden to post, I give the link:

Dr. No

PS: Credits to 007magazine.co.uk
BANNED BOND: The Criterion Collection on DVD (Released)
That´s a great work "restoring" these banned laserdiscs!! But, I just got a decent connection right now, and it looks like there´s no one to seed this... 8 weeks to finish download of Dr. No... ergh... Could someone seed this to a Bond freak? That would be much aprecciated!!!

FanFiltrarion, I have one question: The "color processing" that you are doing with Thunderball is the same process used in the Ultimate Edition, to make the contrast levels and colors "more realistic"?? It will get away from what Ted Moore did for the movie?? Or it will just enhance the original photography??