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what the best programs to take old films 640x480 or the 720's and enlarge them with out losing quality


Hi I am new here, I am disabled so I am home and have a lot of time on my hands, so watch and buy a lot of movies. also a I use to build custom computers for 13 years only a few water cooled but then I got hurt and stopped building, I never really got into burning disc except for 2 years ago when my grandson got into my DVD collection marvel dc ect, And I found scratch’s deep ones in them, and they are not cheap.
so I brought a few programs to backup my collection but now found out people can enlarge older films so well I brought some programs like dvdfab.
but it does not really do that as I tried to enlarge 5 card stud and I cant even make out there faces so that didn’t work then I brought wondershare and tried converting 640 to 1080p and that didn’t work and got so frustrated. so if there’s any program someone knows that I could get and it works I would appreciate any help
thank you all. looks like a great site. Hope to hear from you