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toonami midnight run special edition preservation


ive had this idea for a few years to remaster the toonami midnight run special edition block from 2001, but not having the right sources and skillset or even any kind of plan has stopped me from pursuing it

well i think i at least have all the sources i need to put it together, and while i dont know really know how to edit i can probably figure it out

there are complete two HQ captures on the spleen of the first and second airings, the premiere tape from JUSXTREME96 is VHS 640x480p @ 59.94Hz, while the encore recording from nanto is DVD-R 720x480i @ 29.97Hz

here is a list of my current sources for the content:

01 MAD RHETORIC (slimd716 1080p)
02 ONE MORE TIME (syncr0ndi 1080p)
03 AERODYNAMIC (syncr0ndi 1080p)
04 DIGITAL LOVE (syncr0ndi 1080p)
06 ADVANCED ROBOTICS (slimd716 1080p)
07 BROKEN PROMISES (slimd716 1080p)
08 TOMORROW COMES TODAY (phase one PAL DVD 576p)
09 19-2000 (phase one PAL DVD 576p)
10 CLINT EASTWOOD (phase one PAL DVD 576p)
11 HELL BENT (vimeo 1080p)

one issue i have run into already is the 5555 upscale has a strange logo that appears in the bottom right corner every few minutes which is apparently a DVD artifact of some kind ? may have to use something else instead

plus all the bumps in between songs that would come from either of the tapes, which i could maybe clean up and upscale with something like ERSGAN ?

my point is this : im dealing with multiple framerates and resolutions and im not really sure which people would prefer – HD or SD? preserve 60Hz or just stick with 30Hz?

what are your thoughts ??

thanks in advance