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The Clone Wars series OSTs - Unreleased tracks - a call to release them


Last year, the OSTs of TCW S7 were released. But sadly not all tracks are included.

The tracks that are released:
S1 has 8 tracks
S2 has 3
S3 has 3
S4 has 1 😠
S5 has 11
S6 has only 1 😠
S7 has 46

It makes me sad and angry at the same time! That’s why I’m calling YOU (ALL OF YOU)! We can make sure that all unreleased tracks of TCW are released. And you can help out! Go to social media and spread #RELEASEALLCLONEWARSUNRELEASEDTRACKS, Go to and create a declaration to release all Clone Wars unrelease tracks and you sign it to the #RELEASEALLCLONEWARSUNRELEASEDTRACKS Donation center. Let’s release all the unreleased tracks together.

If we do, we’ll get full version of the tracks that we had such as “Buzz Droids” and “Passing the Secret”. We can also have a DELUXE EDITION. If whoever’s in charge of WD Records refuses to us, we’re doomed. And when I say “We’re doomed”, we are stuck witht he tracks that are released. I’m telling you this in order to make sure everyone accept this tag.


The tracks that are missing from the Siege of Mandalore arc:

  1. Anakin surrenders to the droids

  2. Anakin spotted the Tactical Droid when he appeared and he kills it and the 501st appears from the bridge

  3. The clones joining in the 501st

  4. Anakin and Obi-Wan speak

  5. Bo-Katan confessing Obi-Wan and Anakin

  6. Ahsoka getting her new lightsabers and she says goodbye to Anakin

  7. Bo-Katan is fine with that

  8. Race You to the Surface (With 5 seconds added back in so it is the length of the same track that played during the episode)

  9. All tracks from S7E09 that come after “Race you to the surface”

  10. Tunnel Pursuit and Sidious Discussion

  11. Word with Ahsoka

  12. Maul interregating Jesse

  13. Maul’s speech

  14. Ahsoka and Maul talk

  15. The Red Mandalorians fall back

  16. Maul Captured

  17. All tracks from “Shattered” except for 3 that are in the OST

  18. Best Bet

  19. Maul destroying the Hyperdrive

  20. Ahsoka and Rex in the control room

  21. Ahsoka decides

  22. Rex confessing Jesse

  23. Vader finds Lightsaber

  24. Rest of the end credits music