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#StarWars4D (A New Hope with a pop music soundtrack) (Released)


Despecialized edition
Original singles/tracks

I’ve created a pop music soundtrack for the Despecialized Edition (2.5) of Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

It all started one Sunday afternoon when I pictured one or two songs playing over the famous dogfights Top Gun style, couldn’t get it out of my head, so put a track in sync with the action and blew my own mind… and by midnight that night I had programmed music for the entire film

I wanted to go old-school, which is why I chose the Despecialized Edition as my base: the songs are very evocative of a time, and I wanted the edit of the film to reflect that time.

Here’s the magic part:

There is ONE fade-out at the credits, but once the film starts, every track that plays is allowed to play out in full over or under the action and dialogue (with volumes for each adjusted where appropriate). No edits, just song after song neatly fitting into Star Wars like they always belonged there.

I’ve been a superfan of Star Wars since the original movie in 1977 when I was 7 years old, and I was a DJ for over a decade in my youth, but neither of these facts can sufficiently explain the extent to which these tracks fit into this film.

Music featured is from the dawn of the 70s to the dusk of the 80s featuring Joan Armatrading, Billy Ocean, Bon Jovi, Depeche Mode, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Guns & Roses, Hall & Oates, Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney & Wings, Pet Shop Boys, Prince, Queen, REO Speedwagon, the Rolling Stones and more.

Previous to now I have only ever ‘performed’ this by playing the tracks and adjusting the levels live over/with the film for an audience.

Now I’ve created a proof-of-concept edit that is shareable. No-one has seen it yet.

My next step, well, I wanted to discuss my art with you wonderful people after introducing myself with this short sample from the project:

password: starwars4d

I’d welcome any feedback and thoughts, and likely need some help and guidance. I am an old hand at the internets but very new here.


Hello again!

As teased, here is a sample from #starwars4d featuring an entire song from start to finish: Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen playing with the Vader/Kenobi duel.

As you will see for yourself, there are NO edits. The song just… belongs there.

I have programmed music for the entire film (based on the Despecialized Edition 2.5 of Star Wars IV: A New Hope), just like in this sequence.

I would love to publish a full track listing in time, but I would first like to offer some of you the opportunity to experience the proof-of-concept edit without spoilers, because part of the fun is finding out what the next song is.

password: tk421

Do let me know if the idea of experiencing this edit takes your fancy.


Hahaha, this so much fun.

Gotta ask, but what O(+> Prince Track are you gonna use.

For Empire

You could have O(+> Prince’s: Daddy Pop in the “I am your father” scene. Totally alters the mood, but would be fun.

and for Dagobah training it would have to Eye of the Tiger

Loved both Vimeo clips, but the Jawwa one worked best of the two.


Thanks very much for taking a look and providing feedback. It’s much appreciated.

I used ‘When Doves Cry’ as Luke first meets Obi-Wan, who tells him of his origins. In a manner of speaking, and from a certain point of view.

‘Eye of the Tiger’ appears in THIS mix. It appears when Han meets Greedo, and until our heroes blast their way out of Mos Eisley.

I wanted to avoid thinking about sequels until this one was finished, but just yesterday I had a notion that I should end ROTJ with You’ve Gotta Have A Dream from The Cannonball Run and it’s a pretty good fit.

There’s a 'YouTube video synching tool here and I did a quick mock-up using it. Apologies for how tricky in can be. You will need to mute the clip on the left:

[edit to add synch link]


Hahaha, just watched it. That is too funny.

You’ve inspired our household.

Today we were discussing it further.


When you meet Lando for the 1st time, either:

Right Said Fred: I’m too Sexy or
Prince: Sexy MF


Just as Leia starts to strangle Jabba:
Timmy Mallet: Itsy bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini


The first time you see Anakin on screen

Chesney Hawkes: I am the one and only

Anakin lying in bits on Mustafar: Bowie, Changes


I really enjoy trying to find the right track that fits in without any edits. I really like Band on The Run for the start of Empire, starting right after the crawl. It’s wonderfully evocative under the lonely probes being sent out, it covers the rebels on the run AND Han Solo as a man with a death mark on his head. Very tasty.

There’s a whole vibe for things that fit into things. This is kind of like that.

Ideally you get to enjoy this as a viewer, too, especially if you are as familiar with a track as you are with the film. Someone described it to me as being like watching two cars approaching each other at an intersection, knowing they are going to collide, so you get to experience the anticipation and the crash.

It’s important to note that no-one was injured in this metaphor, by the way.


Hahaha and yeah sounds like a good choice.


I’d be interested in seeing this…it’d put a completely different spin on the film but as long as the songs ‘fit’ the mood of the scene, I can’t see why this can’t be an alternate way to watch the film.