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star wars should be open source



there are a lot of star wars stories by now.

I think there should be a project that assembles and sorts them into universes, and allows for people to contribute their own stories, which are also subsequently sorted into universes.

So for example, there’s the old canon, there’s the disney canon, and there’s the original trilogy, which didn’t include the original canon, it’s just that as time went on people kept writing stories so the got accepted.

Also, lots of people either wish crucial plot points or other aspects would change, and universes could be created where these variations can be presented.

I imagine either a forum, with sub-threads upon sub-threads to organize everything, or ultimately a github style platform.

I have some other arguments. Star Wars should be public domain. I should be able to use certain words like “lightsaber” in any story without providing context. I should be able to have a story that has “x-wings” without trying to make them pretty close but a little different because of copyright, and so on and so forth. (jedi, luke skywalker, and so on). This is because Star Wars is not simply some franchise, and no one in the franchise can take responsibility for it. Star Wars is a world culture, and is much bigger than disney. Disney has every right to make Star Wars movies, and support a particular story-verse, but does not have the right to limit the creativity of others so inspired by Star Wars. Further, disney would be able to make use of the open-source database of story evolution that such a constantly updated set of stories would provide, so their movies wouldn’t be so terrible. Because although in some ways their movies have merit, they also are terrible. If they committed to continuously remaking every film they’ve produced so far, releasing updates and changes as they have them, I could understand the awful quality of those films, but they didn’t. THey just blank blank into a tree and grew a bloomin idiot.

For me, it’s about inertial thrust physics, and the original trilogy as produced by George Lucas. I imagine the stories being re-interpreted as though the engines are rockets, and everything has to happen like the engines are rockets. So fighter battles would be crazy, hard to show, and require viewers to at least have simulator experience to understand, crucial moments in the films (such as the first death star assault) would have crucial bits of physics to consider, which would be what makes them so great. If there arises problems with the physics, a project could be undertaken by contributors to work out the various ways the problem could be solved, and versions could be organized, until one version or a few of them rise to the top of both popularity and cohesiveness with other critical story-points.

Importantly, it would be every fan working together to iron out the best possible stories that star wars could have been, as well as discover the other possible stories that should be a part of our culture, as well as offer the opportunity for the tales that aren’t star wars really, but are critically inspired by it, to be assembled. (for some people, it was just lightsabers, for others, they needed yoda, but nothing else fit).

So, anyway. Long Live the Original Trilogy and the freedom of the imagination it was designed to offer. I say it is time to put the modern productions in their place, just another fork, just another version number, just another wonton release with some degree of value that the community could chew on before they ultimately splice together the REAL story, a better one.


I’m very much supportive of this idea. Star Wars is a modern mythology, and I would love to see it be expanded upon beyond the constraints of IP ownership. Sparky is right, though. It is a pipe dream.