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Star Wars Comprehensive Saga - WIP (suggestions welcome)


Hello, this is my first post here, but I have commented! So… this is my idea is to create a comprehensive Star Wars Saga experience. I want to have information in Rebels and The Clone Wars television series that connect the films and live-action television series included across the board to create as cohesive a story as possible.

With more concrete edits to use and such, I will be giving credit left and right. I just don’t know what exactly I’m going to be using yet.

  • STAR WARS: REBELS (6-9 movies)
  • THE CLONE WARS (6-9 movies)

Now, to break this down.

Broken into 6-9 movies focusing on these storylines:

–> EZRA’S JOURNEY from aimless orphan to selfless Jedi rebel
–> LOTHAL being freed from Empire control involving THRAWN
–> AHSOKA’s arc in Rebels
–> MAUL and his search for Obi-Wan
–> KALLAS’ turn focusing on Lassat
–> MANDALORE arc in Rebels
–> SAW GUERRERA’s arc in Rebels

I went through each episode and made a list of the ones that I believe are needed to be included. Some would be self-contained, but others would be just scenes, sections or one storyline from the episode. I know that Porkerrican via Nigleet has an 8-movie series, but (a) I haven’t been able to get a copy of that yet, and (b) there are episodes that aren’t included that I know I want (mostly Saw Guererra’s). Still, I’m aware that it would be a fantastic baseline to work with.

Note: There are a few episodes that I took note of that need to be integrated due to CONTINUITY. I’ve marked what each episode adds to the overall narrative.

1.01/1.02 - Spark of Rebellion EZRA, KALLAS
1.03 - Droids in Distress (Lasat stuff) LASSAT
1.05 - Rise of the Old Masters (just training/inquisitor stuff) EZRA
1.07 - Out of Darkness (Fulcrum discussion) AHSOKA
1.08 - Empire Day EZRA, KALLAS
1.09 - Gathering Forces EZRA
1.10 - Path of the Jedi EZRA
1.13 - Call to Action LOTHAL
1.14 - Rebel Resolve LOTHAL
1.15 - Fire Across the Galaxy (with a brief flashback to Fighter Flight stealing ship) LOTHAL
2.01/2.02 - The Siege of Lothal (Cut out Lando hologram) LOTHAL, AHSOKA
2.03/2.04 - The Lost Commanders/Relics of the Old Republic (Cut as much as possible/Meeting all-Get Rex) CONTINUITY
2.05 - Always Two There Are EZRA, CONTINUITY
2.06 - Brothers of the Broken Horn (Just Hondo stuff) CONTINUITY
2.08 - Blood Sisters (Cut as much as possible) CONTINUITY
2.10 - The Future of the Force EZRA, AHSOKA
2.11 - Legacy EZRA
2.13 - The Protector of Concord Dawn MANDALORE
2.14 - Legends of the Lassat LASSAT
2.15 - The Call (The purrgil, cut as much as possible) CONTINUITY
2.17 - The Honorable Ones KALLAS
2.18 - Shroud of Darkness EZRA, AHSOKA, MAUL
2.19 - The Forgotten Droid CONTINUITY
2.21/2.22 - Twilight of the Apprentice EZRA, AHSOKA, MAUL
3.01/3.02 - Steps Into Shadows THRAWN
3.03 - The Holocrons of Fate EZRA, MAUL
3.04 - The Antilles Extraction KALLAS
3.05 - Hera’s Heroes THRAWN
3.07 - Imperial Super Commandos MANDALORE
3.10 - Inside Man THRAWN, LOTHAL
3.11 - Visions and Voices MAUL
3.12/3.13 - Ghosts of Geonosis SAW GUERERRA
3.15 - Trials of the Darksaber MANDALORE
3.16 - Legacy of Mandalore MANDALORE
3.17 - Through Imperial Eyes EZRA, THRAWN, KALLUS, LOTHAL
3.18 - Secret Cargo THRAWN
3.20 - Twin Suns MAUL
3.21/3.22 - Zero Hour THRAWN, LOTHAL
4.01/4.02 - Heroes of Mandalore MANDALORE
4.03/4.04 - In the Name of the Rebellion SAW GUERERRA
4.05 - The Occupation LOTHAL
4.06 - Flight of the Defender LOTHAL, THRAWN
4.07 - Kindred LOTHAL, THRAWN
4.08 - Crawler Commandeers LOTHAL (cut as much as possible)
4.09 - Rebel Assault LOTHAL, THRAWN
4.10 - Jedi Night LOTHAL, THRAWN
4.11 - DUME LOTHAL (cut as much as possible)
4.12- Wolves and a Door EZRA, THRAWN
4.13 - A World Between Worlds EZRA, AHSOKA
4.14 - A Fool’s Hope EZRA, THRAWN, LOTHAL
4.15 - Family Reunion - and Farewell EZRA, LOTHAL

As for the epilogue section. I want to play with that, keep parts of it, lose others–namely, the outcome of the war against the Empire, Endor, etc. I want to keep the reveal of the baby, Geb taking Kallus to Lassat and the final scene because of what we get in The Mandalore, and likely will happen in the Ahsoka spin-off.


I’m still going through fan edits here. I love this movie, but if there are any suggestions for particular fan edits I might want to check out, I’m up for checking them out. Just please pm me the link!


I’m excited about SWRevisited’s versions of the OT, so I’m going to be checking those out. I have zero changes planned for ANH beyond what I read that SWR did.)


Same with SWRevisited, I want to get this version of TESB, I do have one planned change. I want to see if I can edit out the second Leia/Luke kiss. It’s pretty obvious that a love triangle was in play between Luke, Leia and Han. The beginning sets up Han/Leia with a bit of Luke thrown in with that kiss, and then the bulk of the film is with Han and Leia. However the final bit has Luke and Leia with their connection, her kissing him (again) on the lips, and the two together while Lando and Chewie are off to find Han. Since that didn’t happen, I think editing out that second kiss helps a little bit.

Now the reason why I have the first two films of the OT here and don’t start my viewing of the saga with the PT is because TESB pretty much ends with Luke asking Ben “Why?” a couple of times regarding the Anakin/Darth Vader lie. So I like this idea of watching this as a set-up before going right into the Prequel Trilogy. I think it makes so much sense, and preserves a lot of that OT feeling. It sets it up that we are going to be told–in a very long flashback–why.


I want to change the crawl to not only make it more, well, interesting, but once the crawl ends, I want to add a slight echo of Luke’s “Why?” as the movie itself begins.

I know there are a bunch of great fanedits of TPM out there. Right now, I’m sifting through them trying to decide what I want to do. I just know, it’s going to be pretty Jar Jar and “yippee” light.


I like this film, so I’m going to be looking at the expanded versions that have the deleted scenes. I believe there is a gorgeous version that is being updated, cleaned up now and I’m hoping that one will be available (or is) and I just need to get it.


I was going to use ExpandedUniverse’s 8-movie set as a base, but alas, those are no longer available. NumeralJokerMechaSalesman has a whole batch of arcs that are amazing that I can look at.


This is one that I’m looking at a bunch of fan edits and am going to be working on making my own edits too. I really love the ideas of others out there, but they aren’t quite there yet for me.


I don’t think I’ve seen this anywhere else. It bothers me how Ahsoka’s name doesn’t come up in RotS. Anakin’s apprentice comes back into their lives after a long absence, one of their leading clone commanders is off fighting Darth Maul on a planet that was presided over by a woman that Obi-Wan loved. And her name is not brought up? Darth Maul is not brought up? Satine, Mandalore is not brought up? In Revenge of the Sith none of this comes up? It just made no sense, so I can’t have this play out before RotS.

On the other hand, my OCD brain can’t handle the switch from live-action to animation. Nope, just can’t do it. So my idea, is to have the opening shot of the final scene with their ship landing and then seeing all of the graves to Ahsoka looking down at her lightsaber, and then a white fade indicating a flashback into the rest of the arc play out. Then we have the ship landing, see the grave markings, and then do the white flashback fade cut to the lightsaber in Ahsoka’s hand to show the flashback is over. From that we have the end of the scene to Darth Vader.


I’m excited about SWRevisited’s versions of the OT, so I’m going to be checking those out. I have zero changes planned for RotJ at this point.

THE MANDALORIAN (each season broken into 1 or 2 movies)

I really like the idea of smudger9’s Mandalorian season 01 movie. (I haven’t watched it yet, but I plan on doing it this weekend.) The thing is that I’m not sure that it works without Mayfield considering his role in season 02. And I agree with JakeRyan (I think) that Moff Gideon’s darksaber/alive reveal should be before the end credits, but I’ll decide after I watch it. Considering how important the darksaber storyline is in season 02, though…

ETA: I’ve now watched smudger’s great edit and it is great, but I have my own ideas. These are the changes I want to add to that if you’ve seen it:

  • Add Mando getting the bounty mission. I think it’s important that we meet Karga early on.
  • Add stuff from the Jawa episode. This is where Mando learns to trust Kuiil.
  • Cut focus on the pretty widow in the villager episode.
  • Cut some of the attacking the bandits by Mando/Cara.
  • Add stuff from the Mayfield and Tatoonie episodes. (For continuity w/season 02.)
  • Cut the ship attacking Mando.
  • Cut most of Cara’s bar fight.
  • Add IG-11 getting Baby Yoda on Nevarro.
  • Add Gideon’s alive reveal before the final scene.

Obviously, I’ll be watching all of the episodes and adding, changing, editing, trimming my own stuff. But essentially the bulk of what smudger did worked so fantastically well, I can’t really see how it can be that much improved upon aside from the notes above I’ve mentioned.


I am so watching other fanedits, but there are changes I want to make if they aren’t there:

  • Edit the rathtar section
  • Include some of the deleted scenes (esp. Kylo in the Falcon)
  • Take out Leia hugging Rey because… stupid.
  • After the Falcon flies off w/Rey and Chewie, cut to Luke standing on a cliff on Ach-to, his eyes closed and then they open. ~ CREDITS

~ I hope I can do this!


I just have a few edits I want to make to this, edits I haven’t seen elsewhere:

  • Cut Leia slapping Poe. (If their genders were switched in any way, that slap would never happen.)
  • Don’t cut any of Canto Bight, simply intercut other location scenes between them (the Supremecy, the Resistance Ship, Ach-To). I think that it seems to drag because the Canto Bight scenes are one long batch of scenes without cutting to any other arc.
  • Add more SW wipes. There’s like one in the whole film. I may need help with this as I’ve never attempted this before.
  • Add most of the deleted scenes.
  • I like the Sith/Palpatine additions where it works. I’ve seen in other fanedits (I think Hal9000’s “Legendary” is one).
  • Finally, in the final scene, when broom boy is standing there, transition the night to day and transition his figure to Rey standing on a different planet in the same position holding her lightsaber with the same position as the broom which signals her as the new hope of the galaxy that Luke had spread. ~ CREDITS

~ Again, I hope I can do this because I think it would be REALLY cool and a better way to end the film while keeping the message that RJ wanted to send with broom boy that I did like.


  • Cut Dark Rey
  • Cut Holdo Maneuver line
  • Cut most of Zorri – basically she’ll exist to just give us the awesome that is Babu Frik
  • Ben lives and to show that impact, I’m going to try and do the following:
    – First of all, I need to figure out how to do deepfake. If I can’t figure out how to do a decent one, this ain’t gonna happen, but I’m gonna give it a go!
    – Second of all, I need to comb through Rey and C3P0’s dialogue. I’d say Ben’s, but he has one word (“Ow!”) and the majority of Kylo’s he’s pissed off or in pain. I can still check some of it, but if not, I can check out Adam Driver’s other work. I’ve watched it all. Of course, his dialogue may be connected to the deepfake, so, yeah, I’ll see.

So, the idea is that while Rey is hugging Poe and Finn, she tells them something along the lines of “I need to tell you something,” or “We need to talk.” Whatever dialogue I can find that has the sense of that. And then I want to see how it looks to reverse the hug, maybe slow it down just a bit, and then cut to a close-up of her face looking serious. The idea being that she’s going to tell them about Ben.

CUT TO --> The Falcon flying in space
CUT TO–> A random shot of C3P0 and R2D2 on the Falcon, R2 beeps and 3P0 tells him that he can’t believe it’s been x amount of time. This is why I need to look through 3P0’s dialogue. I need to look through his dialogue so I can find 6 months to 1 year as a passage of time to use here.
CUT TO–> The holo chess scene with Chewie, Poe and Finn.
*** CUT TO–> Rey sitting in the co-pilot seat looking out ahead of her with a smile on her face, she looks over her shoulder (and again, needing to look for dialogue), says: “It’s like… Jakku.” The next shot is Ben standing against the cockpit door. !! This is where the deepfake needs to come in. Again, I have no idea if this is possible, but use maybe some small clip from Solo or even The Force Awakens and have Adam Driver’s face/hair over AE or HF. Again, if possible. I do not know. !! He says something like “I told you.” She gets up and asks if he’s coming. He shakes his head, "this is for you.
CUT TO–>Ship opening, rest of scene playing out until the older lady shows up. She asks Rey her name, and Rey happily says “Rey.” and looks towards the falcon where her family is now. She and BB-8 walk off.
CUT TO–> The Falcon flies off.

*** Obviously, this may be impossible to do. It would require me doing a decent deepfake. (I am pretty decent with editing with the little bit I’ve done, so I’m hopeful, I might be able to do it if I put my mind to it.) It also would require me finding the dialogue and fixing audio/music, and finding the right clips of Rey to use and then making edits, cuts, etc. The cuts and stuff I’m really not worried about, that is the stuff I have practice doing. Still, I dunno. That’s the plan, though.

So any suggestions, ideas, thoughts are much appreciated. I have magix movie edit, and Goldwave audio software and that is what I’ll be using to start with. I do need to know the best way to do crawls. I’ve done some research, but clearly not enough. And, again, I will be crediting left and right!

I know there is more I’ll be doing, but these are my early thoughts.

ETA: So I may just scratch most of the above with Ben and rather just insert a cropped shot of Kylo looking in wonder at Rey after she shot electricity out of her hand from earlier in the film. That just might work.

I’m still having issues with getting my software to work. sigh It’s very frustrating to have all of these ideas and not have the equipment to work with.


Skybatman said:


Thanks! I just have to, you know, see if can do it. I’m going to try and make a few clips this week of a few of my ideas and see how they look. I’ll post them here.


That Will be nice see your editing skills


So I’m excited because I can begin working on Rebels, The Mandalorian, TFA and TLJ now. It’s going to take time, but I can actually start doing some editing on this.

Again, any thoughts or suggestions would be lovely.


Do you have an early version i can take a look at please it would be great.