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Power Rangers: What If It Ended With Turbo?


I’ve put together episodic and feature-length cuts of a hypothetical “series finale” for Power Rangers…basically what would have happened if the show had been cancelled in 1997. Loads of treats in this one, including more cameos from classic Rangers, new cliffhangers for parts two and three), the Rangers get to destroy Dark Spectre, and a ‘new ending’ made up of footage from MMPR The Movie

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I’ve decided to expand this into a full on micro-season consisting of various remixed episodes.

Completed so far

  1. Graduation Day Part One (Episodes Used: “Shift Into Turbo Part One”, “Shift Into Turbo Three”, “Passing the Torch Part One”)

  2. Graduation Day Part Two (Episodes Used: “Passing the Torch Parts One and Two”)

  3. Graduation Day Part Three (“Passing the Torch Part Two”, “Shift Into Turbo Part One”, “Shift Into Turbo Part Two”, “The Wheel of Fate”)

  4. A Drive To Win (“A Drive to Win”, “The Accident”, “Always a Chance”)

  5. Rangers to the Rescue (Ohranger episodes 40 and 47, “The Darkest Day”, “One Last Hope”)

  6. Red on Red (Ohranger vs Carranger, “King For A Day Part One”, “King For A Day Part Two”, Ohranger episode 40, “Spirit of the Woods”)