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kk650's Regraded Rogue One (blanket green tint removed from blu-ray)


I’ve just uploaded a regrade of Rogue One to Myspleen. The release is 23 GB and includes the DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 audio track from the blu-ray.

I received numerous requests to check out the Rogue One official blu-ray to see if there was a blanket tint and contrast/brightness issues with this release, so I had a look and could see that they were 100% right, a blanket green tint has been applied to the whole film, the brightness has been reduced as well so the film looks a little underexposed and the contrast is slightly lacking as well, making the image look a little flat and digital compared to the Star Wars films shot on film.

With this release I have gone ahead and removed the blanket green tint across the whole film and increased the brightness and contrast so the film now looks correctly exposed and the image is less flat and more appealing. I now feel that the film is far more pleasing to the eye, removing the blanket green tint brings all the other colours in the film back to life, making it a lot more enjoyable to watch. The DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 audio track from the blu-ray has also been included as well as chapters timings.

These are some screencap comparisons between the blu-ray and this regraded release:

Blu-ray 1:

Regraded 1:

Blu-ray 2:

Regraded 2:

Blu-ray 3:

Regraded 3:

Blu-ray 4:

Regraded 4:

Blu-ray 5:

Regraded 5:

Blu-ray 6:

Regraded 6:

Blu-ray 7:

Regraded 7:

Blu-ray 8:

Regraded 8:

Blu-ray 9:

Regraded 9:

Blu-ray 10:

Regraded 10:


A 23GB version of this release with the DTS-HD MA 7.1 audio track is now available outside Myspleen, at two new places where the_magicman is uploading all my releases. The old place has become unreliable so I am no longer posting releases there. All those interested in knowing where those two new places are, send me a PM.


Is this regraded release available anywhere else

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