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Idea & Info: Do edit NV II fit in SW Edits?


So the Youtuber named NV II makes fan scenes that took place during each SW Film.

Here are a lot of scenes and their placements:

  1. Qui-Gon visits Yoda (Scene placement is after Luke leaves Dagobah):

  2. An extended prologue to Return of the Jedi (Scene placement is before C3-PO and R2 are going to Jabba’s palace):

  3. Palpatine talking to the ancient sith lords (Scene placement is before the Mace Windu Palpatine fight):

  4. An interlude to R1/ANH:

  5. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan debating the Prophecy (Scene Placement is after Qui-Gon checked Anakin’s blood):

  6. Plagueis haunting Anakin (Scene Placement is during the scene when Anakin is looking at Padme from the temple):

  7. Qui-Gon haunting Maul (Scene Placement is before Ahsoka frees Maul to create a distraction):

I wonder if you can use NV’s fan scenes in your fan edits…


To be fair, they’re fine for what they are. But usually fan edits try to present something that works cinematically, which is very often a limiting factor. If you’re doing a mock-up like this guy, you don’t have that issue.

Well done. I will disengage self-destruct initiative.


Unless you make them into a fully HD cinematic ratio!


What Hal said. Just downloading the videos off of YouTube and putting them in your edit along with HD footage definitely wouldn’t work. They definitely have interesting ideas (my favorite is the R1/ANH interlude with Qui-Gon and Yoda and Vader telling Sidious about the death of Kenobi; those actually feel like real scenes that would happen if the OT was made after the PT) but the videos are very low quality, the exchanges don’t always make the most sense (which is understandable since he’s working with limited voice material) and rely on reusing shots, often over and over again, to varying results. They’re interesting for what they are but aren’t convincing enough to be put in the films themselves.

I do plan on making my own HD versions of my two favorites for my ANH fan-edit myself (Qui-Gon and Yoda and Vader and Sidious; the former because it’ll break up the R1 Vader hallway scene, which I also plan on including, and the opening of the actual film, reminds us that Qui-Gon and Yoda are still relevant, shows that Yoda has been training under Qui-Gon, and it also has some character development for Vader, with the whole “He will never set foot on Tatooine” thing; the latter because it reminds the audience that the Emperor, the Sith and the Jedi are still relevant and shows that Vader has a greater purpose and mission beyond what the original film shows). I wouldn’t be using his videos at all, rather using similar but sometimes different sources, and the scenes won’t be exactly the same (for example, due to some feedback I will at least attempt at an Emperor hologram that looks like his ROTJ self). You could try and recreate some of them in HD as well, but be wary; while you may be able to get away with reusing shots a little bit, it definitely wouldn’t work to the degree NV does it (in which sometimes he is forced to use the same close-up for pretty much all of a character’s lines in a video). I’d recommend if you are to try this, improve the scene itself (remove any awkward nonsensical lines if need be), make sure there’s some time and space between the last time the footage was shown to try and mitigate the familiarity, make it short, and if possible and if you feel it’s worth it, remove the part that the footage actually comes from so it doesn’t repeat.

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Here’s how I see for the scene of Palpatine talking to the Ancient Sith lords (No reuse lines):

Darth Sion - Lord Sidious, I knew you would come. Do you need my lessons?

Palpatin - No, I don’t need the lessons.

Darth Bane - Why did you summon the ancient sith?

Palpatine - The end of the Jedi is near.

Darth Revan - We are the ones who used the dark side of the force. We are here before you.

Darth Desolous - The Dark Side is your ally, but I am its master. Thousands have fought against me.

Darth Teneborus - Sidious, you were motivated to complete the Sith Imperative.

Darth Desolous - I once killed many jedi in my life.

Palpatine - Most can lose their power that they have.

Darth Desolous - The council had killed me for what I did.

Valkorian - You are no weaker than any of the sith and your powers are stronger than any of the jedi.

Darth Sion - The energy from Moraband is more powerful than ever before.

Palpatine - The final phase is ready! The Republic will die and Skywalker will become my apprentice.

Darth Sion - But beware: He will kill you and restores balance.

Darth Revan - It is said that one who will own the other will rule the galaxy. Remember, the chosen one is the key. The one who owns him will control everything. I’m informing you to help your victory.

Palpatine - My apprentice will end the jedi.

Darth Malygus - Finally, we shall have revenge!

Marka Ragnos - Thanks to you, the sith will last forever! You earned the right to wield the thorne of Dark Lord of the Sith!

Darth Desolous - The sith are inevitable!

Exar Kun - The Dark Lords of the Sith shall rise again! Together, we will bring peace to the galaxy!