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Idea: Batman's Greatest Failure


New Project Idea - Working on it, but with me working more due to C19 it may be a while
A cut of “Under the Red Hood” and “Death in the Family” with a small part of “Killing Joke”

What the films vibe

Death in the Family tried to make the film seem more Noir, but cut most of the dialog of anyone that wasn’t Batman/Bruce. I plan on adding in all of the new music, and the noir feeling of “Death” to “Hood”. As well as the few new scenes that were made for it.

  • Why Jason and Bruce were fighting
  • Why Jason was in the warehouse
  • Any new Robin Scene
  • Bruce’s inner thoughts keeping the noir feel. But not all of them, if it over lays another characters lines then I won’t keep it

Killing Joke
Yes the movie was a failure, but when Jason mentions Barbra being shot, I’ll be adding in that one scene. Just to make it strike home harder when Jason starts monologueing.

I may make the film B/W or gray out all the color but Red, or leave the color alone. Haven’t decided.

Major change

In “Death” Jensen Ackels doesn’t play Jason. So in the flashback scenes Jason will be played by Vincent Michael Martella. With Jensen not recording the few moments of dialogue

When it’s ready to be seen I’ll update this post.

To me, Star Wars is a brand that means quality, just because it’s a bad SW film, doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie.


Sounds amazing! I own all of these and would love to a link when it’s done.