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Funny People (2009) 35mm Preservation Opportunity (CANCELLED)


Update: 16/01/2021 - I have decided the upfront financial cost of potentially going it alone and little-to-no response is reason to cancel the project. Perhaps it’ll be relisted and people decide they want to do it later.

I have just come across what appears to be a Super 35mm print of Funny People. The print looks like it’s in very good condition and this is one of my favourite Judd Apatow films. It also features fellow Aussie Eric Bana being is amazing self on screen.

I wish to take pledges now and collect money once we’ve figured out the total costs. The print is for auction on eBay so the final cost is unclear, but it’s currently sitting at £350 with no bids, plus approx £150 shipping to Australia. My preferred donation method will be PayPal because I’m unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies.

I should be able to win it but it’s going to expire in 30 hours I’ll have to get quotes for scanning next week. If anyone can recommend a scanner in Melbourne, Australia that would be appreciated so that it keeps costs lower.

Below are images I’ve included with the blu-ray frame outlined over the print to show how much has been cropped out.

Frame 1 with Blu-Ray Frame 2 with Blu-Ray Frame 3 with Blu-Ray


I didn’t know movies shot on Super 35 actually had prints like this, I assumed they would be anamorphic prints instead



UPDATE: I spent the last half hour writing and editing this post, and see you just cancelled. Well, I’m still going to post what’s below anyway after spending that bit o’ time 😃

darksteel1335 said:

…approx £150 shipping to Australia…

… If anyone can recommend a scanner in Melbourne, Australia that would be appreciated so that it keeps costs lower

Assuming the listing you’re talking about it the same one I just looked up…

That seller is in the UK, and that region has some world-class scanning facilities I believe. E.g., Arrow is in the UK. So, ponder this longish shot: maybe the seller drives by Arrow on his/her way to work each day and if so then maybe he/she would be open to just dropping it off? I mean, shipping a full 35mm print is a pain in the ass, so if the longshot happens to be so, he/she might well much prefer just dropping the thing off at a scanner if in their area rather than deal with packing, shipping, tracking the thing across the globe, would maybe just charge you £5 for petrol. 😃

So, to reword it: check out the great scanners in the UK, then pass those addresses to the seller with querying if a scanner just happens to be in their area, and if so would they be willing to just drop the print off. After the scan, you’d be dealing with the shipping person at Arrow (or whoever) who of course has vast experience shipping prints around the world, which might be better in some ways than having the seller ship it to you.

Of course if Melbourne happens to have a great scanning facility (that you can just drive the print to personally) then groovy. It’s just that when I saw the seller is in the UK it clicked in my head they do some great scanning there in more than one place IIRC. (Melbourne… Since that’s your city, can’t you just do a local look up, make a few phone calls yourself? You wouldn’t even need to use long-distance minutes 😃)

Hopefully a user or two here who has checked into scanning in the UK will chime in here. I have no experience with this, am just going off of reading these forums over the years.

LightWave = fun times with gfx for me 😃