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changes to lion king IMAX release


is there a complete list of changes to the lion king for its IMAX release anywhere?

here are the changes I am aware of:
opening logos changed
credits changed
reanimated ending to the circle of life song
the morning report scene added
pouncing lesson scene removed
redone alligator animation
scar’s shadow goof fixed
Mufasa’s teeth removed
colors regraded
waterfalls reanimated
heat distortion effect added
sex lettering removed

But I know there are almost definitely more changes I am not aware of.


stwd4nder2 said:

Darth telly said:

sex lettering removed

I know this drum’s been beat a thousand times, but it says SFX not sex.

ya I know that, but i would never in a million years be able to decipher that lettering to say SFX


Please can someone reply with a list. It would really help me.


Just on a semi-correction on your list, we don’t exactly know how much the colors were regraded, if at all, for the 20002 IMAX/2003 DVD version. All we do know so far is converting CAPS files to 35mm prints in 1994 were always gonna look inaccurate to said CAPS files to begin with, add an extra layer of converting that 35mm print and reprint it multiple times and replayed multiple to where it will wear out over time, and convert the 35mm version they have to a composite signal laserdisc master, it’s not easy to say if the theatrical run was accurate to begin with. Although I will say comparing the 2002 IMAX/2003 DVD version (which is the first time we see the CAPS files as is) to the 1995 laserdisc and I gotta say a good chunk of the colors in that version match (with exceptions) and comparing those two versions to the 2011 Blu-ray, it seems the color regrading was really starting there.

1995 Deluxe CAV letterboxed Laserdisc
2002 IMAX/2003 Special Edition DVD (although through a TV airing)
2011 Diamond Edition Blu-ray