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Boba Fett's Death Remastered (Released)


Video: https://youtu.be/MJe7e7rVVO8

This is the first Star Wars related thing I’ve edited and I don’t intend on doing a full-movie edit, but I thought I’d still share. I took the 2011 Blu-ray footage of Boba’s death and made it faster paced & have more of Temuera Morrison’s voice - it’s probably not perfect, but if anyone wants to use this in their edit or get inspired to take a similar approach, be my guest! All resources are linked in the YouTube clip description.


  • Removed a fraction of a second as Boba Fett lands from his jetpack, to make it seem like less of an awkward pause
  • Boba Fett reacts to shoot Luke with his fibercord whip quicker, again, to make it seem like there’s less of a pause
  • Boba Fett starts to slowly get back up after only 3 seconds, as opposed to 7 seconds, to make it seem less like he was just laying there ‘knocked out’
  • Added (subtle) Boba Fett grunts/sounds when he:
    -Gets stunned
    -Falls down
    -Collects himself on the ground
    -Stands back up
    -Flies into Jabba’s barge
    -Hits the sand & rolls down
  • Added Boba Fett dialogue:
    -Says “what the?” when he gets hit by Han
    -New scream when he goes flying

Nice job! I think I might use this for my edit now, considering he now actually sounds like Temuera Morrison. If I were to do it, I would also remove the shot in which he takes a shot but it looks like he’s not even trying to hit Luke (considering he’s supposedly a super skipped bounty hunter but misses the shot by a mile).

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I’ve always thought Boba Fett was a cool looking character with an interesting background, so i never really cared about his fate, but Mandalorian changed that for me, & i would like to see it reflected in his ‘death scene’. i think your edit is really close to what i would do (if i could get a video editing, please god give me a video editor lol), but i would remove his shot at luke, i don’t like han repeating ‘boba fett’ twice, so removing the shot helps remedy that.

If i was able to do special effects i would really dial the notches up on the jetback breaking, i would have it shooting bursts of flames or electricity left right & center.


Only note I have would be to make his “what the” a little louder

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