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Akira: The Complete Experience


Yes, another new project from the king of unfinished projects. This time, I’m going to try to collect everything Akira into a single package. My video source will be the Italian Dynit release.

Audio tracks I’m including for sure:

  • Original Japanese
  • 1989 English dub
  • 2001 English dub
  • 2005 German dub
  • 1992 Italian dub
  • 1992 River Plate Spanish dub
  • 1992 Castilian Spanish dub
  • 1999 Mexican Spanish dub (VHS)
  • 1999 Mexican Spanish dub (Locomotion)
  • 2002 Castilian Spanish dub
  • 2004 Castilian Spanish dub
  • 2019 Mexican Spanish dub
  • Catalan dub
  • Valencian dub

Audio tracks I’m hoping to include:

  • French dub (original)
  • French dub (2011 revision)
  • 1991 German dub
  • 2018 Italian dub
  • 1992 Brazilian Portuguese dub
  • 1999 Brazilian Portuguese dub
  • 2002 Brazilian Portuguese dub

Subtitle tracks I’m including for sure:

  • English (Island/Streamline)
  • English (BBC2)
  • English (Pioneer)
  • English (Bandai)
  • English (FUNimation)
  • English (Streamline dubtitles)
  • English (Pioneer dubtitles)
  • French
  • French (based on Island/Streamline version)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (based on Island/Streamline version)
  • Spanish (based on Pioneer and FUNimation versions)
  • Swedish

Subtitle tracks I’m hoping to include:

  • Catalan
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • Mandarin
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Valencian

I’m also planning to include the Akira Production Report, both dubbed and subtitled, and other known special features, including the trailers and the 2001 restoration documentary. Any help with materials would be well appreciated, especially in regards to the original Japanese closing credits and/or the creditless version of the final animation, which would be useful in recreating the Electric Media version’s closing credits.

Special thanks to SpookyDollhouse for recommending the Dynit Blu-ray as my primary video source and Marc R. Morris for sending me a digital copy of his BBC2 subtitled recording.


This sounds awesome. Will be keen to check out when you have completed it. Especially looking forward to the subtitled version of the production report as I have never seen that before.


Very nice! And much needed!

The 1989 English sub is considered the best. But which subtitle is considered the best one? Is it English (Island/Streamline)


I recommend using the Italian Dybex Bluray for video. The 4k master is heavily filtered. A go-to using the best audio and video would be great, but the 4k isn’t it imo.