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X-Men: the animated series (1992-1997)

As you may or may not already know, this series is not available as a whole on DVD. A few episodes have been released as packs in DVD, others in VHS and about 15 of them never even saw a commercial release. We bought all of the DVDs and tapes available from Amazon, and captured the unreleased episodes from TV, with the intention to make as good a transfer to DVD as possible.

Now, this could be undertaken by a single person if it wasn't for the fact that no automatic IVTC in Avisynth (TIVTC, Decomb, SmartDecimate) works: they all leave nasty flickering/aliased lines that are painfully evident. The only method we discovered so far that can produce decent results is manual IVTC with TMPG. The rest of the filterchain is mostly figured out, so there are should be no problems there. So, what we need is some volounteers willing to either do it manually with TMPG or find an automatic method that works at least as well.
We also need to track down the latin american dubs (I believe they were done by mexican company Intertrak) so we can extract the audio from them and incorporate them into the transfer. This is easier said that done: I myself have been searching for over a year on the internet and in RL to no avail. Finally, we need to either find or create english and spanish subtitles for each episode.

All those interested in pitching in, send me a PM or an e-mail and I will give you a link to both an unprocessed capture and an AVC encode of the pilot so that you can see what we're aiming at.

I just enabled PM, I didn't know it was off by default.
I invite you to MYSPLEEN.COM where they already have seasons 1-3 of them posted and more on the way.

Sign up for myspleen and you can enjoy these movies....

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If you are talking about shadow_cruiser's releases, with all due respect to him we intend to make something a lot better. Whereas his releases have 1.3-2.1Mbps average bitrate with a single 192kbps AC3 track, our transfer will average ~5Mbps (with intros encoded at about 9.3Mbps since they are so demanding) and have dual 384kbps language tracks. Also, his sources were Xvid captures, ours will be the original commercial VHS and DVDs, only resorting to raw huffyuv TV captures for the ones that were never released. Finally, his encoder is TMPG and we'll be using CCE which is widely considered as giving better quality.

[edit]Also, if his sources are TV captures, then he doesn't have the pilot. We do.
Is no one interested in this at all?
I'm interested in the final project, but I don't have any time to spare contributing to the creation of the dvd(s).

I think you will find quite a few people in the same position.


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I'm interested too, having grown up with this show, but I unfortunately don't have any vhs or dvd's of it to contribute, either. I think you will find a demand for the show out there, but materials may be difficult to come across.
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DVD-BOY: Like I said, we need you guys to do some of the following:

1) Suggesting automatic IVTC methods (takes no time at all).
2) Doind manual IVTC with TMPG (very time consuming).
3) Finding the latin-american dubs by Intertrak (you can take 5 mins a day to look for them and/or ask your acquaintances).
4) Creating the english or spanish subs (somewhat time consuming, I can translate from either to the other).
5) Finding the english or spanish subs (you can take 5 mins a day to look for them, I translate from either to the other).
6) Suggesting/creating menus, covers and labels (time consumption depends on your image editing/creating skills).

So, if you don't have much time to spare you can still help us a lot by doing 1) 3) and 5)

BrikHaus81, we already have all the episodes in the highest quality we could find (commercial DVDs where possible, commercial VHS where possible, HuffYUV TV captures when needed). Like I said to DVD-BOY, you can help us a lot by doing 1) 3) and 5)
Originally posted by: Byakko
1) Suggesting automatic IVTC methods (takes no time at all).

No idea, no experience with IVTC - I think VirtualDub might do ok, maybe best to ask over on VideoHelp or Doom9 forums. You're probably still going to have to go through by hand, especially if the cadence changes.

3) Finding the latin-american dubs by Intertrak (you can take 5 mins a day to look for them and/or ask your acquaintances).

Sorry, wouldn't know where to go looking for these, other than googling for them, which isn't exactly a 'skill'

5) Finding the english or spanish subs (you can take 5 mins a day to look for them, I translate from either to the other).

See above...

6) Suggesting/creating menus, covers and labels (time consumption depends on your image editing/creating skills).

If you can post some idea of the breakdown of each disc etc, I may be able to come up with something.

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About the searching, just hit every P2P program and search engine you know and hope to be lucky. It's a matter of luck and the more of us that try, the better our chances to find something.

As for the disc layout, I will post it ASAP. I'll also post a link to images I collected that could be used.

[edit]Unfortunately no one could help me at Doom9 and I doubt people at VideoHelp are more likely to have an answer. I was thinking more along the lines of wether any of you know of a commercial editing package that can do automatic IVTC.
As far as I'm aware no software does fully automatic IVTC - you will just have to to set it one way, review it and make any required changes. Better software will mean you have to change it less, if that makes sense.

The other question is whether you really, really have to do IVTC on this - are the DVD episodes you have flagged as film?

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What you are saying sounds like manual IVTC to me. What I mean is that I'm looking for a software that you feed the raw capture or the DVD rip to and gives you an IVTCed result, preferably encoded in lossless format. As for your question: yes, the DVDs, VHS and TV captures are FILM. We inspect them manually rather than trust flags.


This is the chapter arrangement (we intend to use dual layer discs, by the way):

Disc 1:
Pilot: Pryde of the X-Men.
Season 1, Episode 1: Night of the Sentinels (Part 1).
Season 1, Episode 2: Night of the sentinels (Part 2).
Season 1, Episode 3: Enter Magneto.
Season 1, Episode 4: Deadly Reunions.
Season 1, Episode 5: Captive Hearts.
Season 1, Episode 6: Cold Vengeance.
Season 1, Episode 7: Slave Island.
Season 1, Episode 8: The Unstoppable Juggernaut.

Disc 2:
Season 1, Episode 9: The Cure.
Season 1, Episode 10: Come the Apocalypse.
Season 1, Episode 11: Days of Future Past (Part 1).
Season 1, Episode 12: Days of Future Past (Part 2).
Season 1, Episode 13: The Final Decision.
Season 2, Episode 1: 'Til Death do us Part (Part 1).
Season 2, Episode 2: 'Til Death do us Part (Part 2).
Season 2, Episode 3: Whatever it takes.
Season 2, Episode 4: Red Dawn.

Disc 3:
Season 2, Episode 5: Repo Man.
Season 2, Episode 6: X-ternally Yours.
Season 2, Episode 7: Time Fugitives (Part 1).
Season 2, Episode 8: Time Fugitives (Part 2).
Season 2, Episode 9: A Rogue's Tale.
Season 2, Episode 10: Beauty and the Beast.
Season 2, Episode 11: Mojovision.
Season 2, Episode 12: Reunion (Part 1).
Season 2, Episode 13: Reunion (Part 2).

Disc 4:
Season 3, Episode 1: Out of the Past (Part 1).
Season 3, Episode 2: Out of the Past (Part 2).
Season 3, Episode 3: Phoenix Saga (Part 1) - Sacrifice.
Season 3, Episode 4: Phoenix Saga (Part 2) - Dark Shroud.
Season 3, Episode 5: Phoenix Saga (Part 3) - Cry of the Banshee.
Season 3, Episode 6: Phoenix Saga (Part 4) - Starjammers.
Season 3, Episode 7: Phoenix Saga (Part 5) - Child of Light.
Season 3, Episode 8: Obsession.
Season 3, Episode 9: Cold Comfort.

Disc 5:
Season 3, Episode 10: Savage Land, Strange Heart (Part 1).
Season 3, Episode 11: Savage Land, Strange Heart (Part 2).
Season 3, Episode 12: Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 1) - Dazzled.
Season 3, Episode 13: Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 2) - Inner Circle.
Season 3, Episode 14: Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 3) - Dark Phoenix.
Season 3, Episode 15: Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 4) - The Fate of the Phoenix.
Season 3, Episode 16: Orphan's End.
Season 3, Episode 17: Juggernaut Returns.
Season 3, Episode 18: Nightcrawler.
Season 3, Episode 19: Weapon X, Lies, and Videotape.

Disc 6:
Season 4, Episode 1: Proteus (Part 1).
Season 4, Episode 2: Proteus (Part 2).
Season 4, Episode 3: Sanctuary (Part 1).
Season 4, Episode 4: Sanctuary (Part 2).
Season 4, Episode 5: Beyond Good and Evil (Part 1) - The End of Time.
Season 4, Episode 6: Beyond Good and Evil (Part 2) - Promise of Apocalypse.
Season 4, Episode 7: Beyond Good and Evil (Part 3) - The Lazarus Chamber.
Season 4, Episode 8: Beyond Good and Evil (Part 4) - End and Beginning.

Disc 7:
Season 4, Episode 9: One Man's Worth (Part 1).
Season 4, Episode 10: One Man's Worth (Part 2).
Season 4, Episode 11: Courage.
Season 4, Episode 12: Have Yourself a Morlock Little Christmas.
Season 4, Episode 13: The Lotus and the Steel.
Season 4, Episode 14: Love in Vain.
Season 4, Episode 15: Secrets No Longer Buried.
Season 4, Episode 16: Xavier Remembers.
Season 4, Episode 17: Family Ties.

Disc 8:
Season 5, Episode 1: The Phalanx Covenant (Part 1).
Season 5, Episode 2: The Phalanx Covenant (Part 2).
Season 5, Episode 3: A Deal with the Devil.
Season 5, Episode 4: No Mutant is an Island.
Season 5, Episode 5: Longshot.
Season 5, Episode 6: Bloodlines.
Season 5, Episode 7: Storm Front (Part 1).
Season 5, Episode 8: Storm Front (Part 2).

Disc 9:
Season 5, Episode 9: Jubilee's Fairy Tale Theater.
Season 5, Episode 10: Fifth Horseman.
Season 5, Episode 11: Old Soldiers.
Season 5, Episode 12: Descent.
Season 5, Episode 13: Hidden Agenda.
Season 5, Episode 14: Graduation Day.

Episode Descriptions (not complete):
Pilot - Pryde of the X-Men

Meet the uncanny X-Men:
Cyclops, who shoots energy beams from his eyes... Colossus, able to turn his
body into living metal... the Dazzler, capable of transforming sound into
powerful bolts of light... Nightcrawler, endowed with the power of
teleportation... Wolverine, whose adamantium claws can slice through any
substance on earth... Storm, who controls the weather itself... Kitty Pryde,
newest of the X-Men, who can phase through solid objects... and their leader,
Professor Xavier, the most powerful telepath in the world. But can the X-Men
triumph over the villainy of the evil mutant master of magnetism, Magneto, and
his henchmen the Blob, Pyro and the unstoppable Juggernaut?

Original Air Date: VHS-only release, 1989.
Episode 1 - S1E1 - Night of the Sentinels (Part 1)

When a pretty young mutant named Jubilee is attacked in a shopping mall by
huge search-and-destroy robots known as Sentinels, Rogue, Storm and Gambit
unleash all their X-Men powers to rescue her. With Professor Xavier's help,
the X-Men discover that the Sentinel assault is part of a sinister program to
exterminate all mutants!

Original Air Date: October 31, 1992.
Episode 2 - S1E2 - Night of the Sentinels (Part 2)

In order to prevent a sinister plot to track and exterminate all mutants from
succeeding, the X-Men break into the Mutant Registration Office to destroy
the files. But, Beast is apprehended while trying to escape. Gyrich and Trask,
the renegades responsible for the Sentinels, kidnap Jubilee, hoping she can lead
them to the rest of the X-Men.

Original Air Date: November 7, 1992.
Episode 3 - S1E3 - Enter Magneto

As the X-Men struggle to expose the sinister plot to register and exterminate
all mutants, they find themselves battling the most menacing mutant of all
time: Magneto!

Original Air Date: November 27, 1992.
Episode 4 - S1E4 - Deadly Reunions

Professor Xavier joins the X-Men in a desperate fight to halt Magneto's reign
of destruction. Meanwhile, Wolverine's longtime rival, Sabretooth, infiltrates
the X-Men's headquarters.

Original Air Date: January 23, 1993.
Episode 5 - S1E5 - Captive Hearts

A relaxing night in town is shattered when Cyclops and Jean Grey are kidnapped
by the Morlocks, a mad band of mutants inhabiting the sewers of New York.
Storm and the rest of the X-Men must engage in a grueling duel with Callisto,
the Morlock's leader, in order to rescue their captured colleagues.

Original Air Date: January 30, 1993.
Episode 6 - S1E6 - Cold Vengeance

On a journey of self-discovery, Wolverine travels to Alaska to work alongside
Eskimo fishermen. But Wolverine soon discovers that the evil Sabretooth has
been stalking him and his new Eskimo friends. Will Wolverine's mutant powers
and training enable him to save his new friends?

Original Air Date: February 6, 1993.
Episode 7 - S1E7 - Slave Island

Held prisoner in a slave camp in Genosha Island, Storm, Gambit and Jubilee
fall prey to the torturous villainy of the ultimate Sentinel, Mastermold. Can
Professor Xavier and the rest of the X-Men save their captured friends
before they are forced to build more powerful Sentinels?

Original Air Date: February 13, 1993.
Episode 8 - S1E8 - The Unstoppable Juggernaut

Following the mysterious destruction of the X-Men school, Wolverine confronts
the guilty Juggernaut, who turns out to be Professor's Xavier missing

Original Air Date: March 6, 1993.
Episode 9 - S1E9 - The Cure

When a cure to correct the mutant gene is announced by the Muir Island
Mutant Research Center, Rogue leaves the X-Men and flies to the island
with hopes of finally ridding herself of her abnormalities. But the cure turns
out to be a hoax devised by the villainous Apocalypse, in order to gather all
mutants and turn them into his evil servants.

Original Air Date: February 20, 1993.
Episode 10 - S1E10 - Come the Apocalypse

When Apocalypse unleashes his four horsemen in an effort to take over the
world, Rogue is captured and imprisoned. The X-Men stage a counterattack
unaware that one of the horsemen is an old friend mutated further by the evil
manipulations of Apocalypse.

Original Air Date: February 27, 1993.
Episode 11 - S1E11 - Days of Future Past (Part 1)

Word of a future where mutants are hunted down and terminated by murderous
Sentinels, leads the X-Men and a time-travelling bounty hunter, Bishop, to
Washington D.C to prevent the murder of Senator Kelly.

Original Air Date: March 13, 1993.
Episode 12 - S1E12 - Days of Future Past (Part 2)

Convinced Gambit is the assassin, Bishop and the X-Men find themselves
battling who they assume are Gambit's new allies, the Brotherhood of Evil

Original Air Date: March 20, 1993.

Taken from

- In episode 2.12 "Reunion Part 1", Brainchild, a somewhat creepy-looking
mutate, tells Professor Xavier that he watches "the equipment while the
master is away." This is a reference to _Manos, the Hands of Fate (1966)_,
a film that features a creepy-looking satyr named Torgo who "takes care of
the place while the master is away".

- In episode 2.11 "Mojovision", the clerk in the electronics store has a name
badge with "Calamari" on it; Joseph Calamari was an executive producer on the

- The trucks in episode 5.01 "Phalanx Covenant Part 1" have "Joe's Calamari"
signs on the sides, another reference to executive producer Joseph Calamari.

- After "The Phoenix Saga" aired, the remaining episodes that aired were not
in the correct continuity order. Because the bulk of episodes were being
animated with many different studios, the writers decided not to continue with
linear storylines like the first two seasons, as many would likely air as soon as
they became available. Continuity problems became so bad that episode 5.05
"Longshot" and episode 5.04 "No Mutant is an Island" did not air for two years
after they should have, thanks to animation quality issues. "No Mutant is an
Island" was *supposed* to explain Jean Grey's return, setting up the Dark
Phoenix Saga.

- Due to late development for the first season, episode 1.08 "The Unstoppable
Juggernaut" aired after episode 1.09 "The Cure" and episode 1.10 "Come the
Apocalypse" during the first run. Because of this, a quick animation fix with
re-edited footage was created for the original airing of episode 1.09 "Slave
Island", showing the X-Men returning home to the Mansion and the Blackbird

- In the comic version of the fight between Storm and Callisto, they dueled
with knives instead of staves (episode 1.05 "Captive Hearts").

- Northstar/Jean-Paul Beaubier and Sunfire/Shiro Yashida were two of the
mutant captives in Genosha (episode 1.07 "Slave Island").

- In episode 1.07 "Slave Island" original airing, the episode ended with the
X-Men arriving at an intact X-Mansion. Due to Animation delays/ problems with
"The Unstoppable Juggernaut/Cain Marko", the ending was altered since the
Juggernaut/Cain Marko episode would not be ready to air for some time.

- Originally intended for 65 episodes, FoxKids bumped up the order to 70 and
did not want to further the series. But Saban asked them for another season,
so that they could wrap up some of the storylines left lingering. Eventually
FoxKids agreed to six more episodes. Unfortunately, at the time Marvel was
filing for bankruptcy and could not afford to produce more episodes, so Saban
funded them directly. This explains why the last six episodes looked different
than the previous 70.

- The first time that "People fear what they don't understand" is mentioned
(episode 1.01 "Night of the Sentinels Part 1")

- The creators of the show have also altered the way Jubilee joined
the X-Men. In the comic books, Jubilee met Dazzler, Storm, and Rogue in a
shopping mall. In the issue, she made her way through Gateways portal back to
the X-Men's base in the Australian Outback. As featured in Uncanny X-Men
#244 (episode 1.01 "Night of the Sentinels Part 1").

- Episode 1.02 "Night of the Sentinels Part 2" showed Jubilee putting on her
sunglasses before using her powers. This happened quite often during the
series, hinting that Jubilee can be blinded by her own powers.

- Episode 1.02 "Night of the Sentinels Part 2" showed the president of the
USA as being a woman.

- In the comic books, the Sentinels were introduced in X-Men (v1) #14. In
addition, were originally shown to be only slightly bigger than a normal human.

Real episode order:

Taken from a post in the Toon Zone forums

According to Stephen Melching, one of the writers for seasons 3 and up, this is
the order that the X-men episodes were assigned to be written in...


For those of you keeping score, below is a list
of X-Men episodes by *script number*. This order
reflects the sequence in which the stories were
assigned to writers, and is a good guide for how
the series was *initially* planned to develop....

Also included is the number FCN assigned to
each episode, which reflects the order in which
production materials were received from Saban,
not necessarily the order in which they aired.



01 XM-101 Night Of The Sentinels I
02 XM-102 Night Of The Sentinels II
03 XM-103 Enter Magneto
04 XM-104 Deadly Reunions
05 XM-105 Captive Hearts
06 XM-106 Cold Vengeance
07 XM-107 Slave Island
08 XM-108 The Unstoppable Juggernaut
09 XM-109 The Cure
10 XM-110 Come The Apocalypse
11 XM-111 Days Of Future Past I
12 XM-112 Days Of Future Past II
13 XM-113 The Final Decision


14 XM-201 'Til Death Do Us Part I
15 XM-202 'Til Death Do Us Part II
16 XM-203 Whatever It Takes
17 XM-204 Red Dawn
18 XM-205 Repo Man
19 XM-206 X-Ternally Yours
20 XM-207 Time Fugitives I
21 XM-208 Time Fugitives II
22 XM-209 A Rogue's Tale
23 XM-210 Beauty And The Beast
24 XM-211 MojoVision
25 XM-212 Reunion I
26 XM-213 Reunion II


27 XM-301 Out Of The Past I
28 XM-302 Out Of The Past II
29 XM-303 Phoenix Saga I
30 XM-304 Phoenix Saga II
31 XM-305 Phoenix Saga III
32 XM-306 Phoenix Saga IV
33 XM-307 Phoenix Saga V
34 XM-308 No Mutant Is An Island
35 XM-309 Obsession
36 XM-310 Longshot
37 XM-311 Cold Comfort
38 XM-312 Savage Land, Savage Heart I
39 XM-313 Savage Land, Savage Heart II
40 XM-314 Dark Phoenix Saga I
41 XM-315 Dark Phoenix Saga II
42 XM-316 Dark Phoenix Saga III
43 XM-317 Dark Phoenix Saga IV
44 XM-318 Orphan's End
46 XM-319 The Juggernaut Returns
53 XM-320 Nightcrawler
61 XM-321 Weapon-X, Lies, And Videotape


45 XM-401 Love In Vain
47 XM-402 A Deal With The Devil
48 XM-403 Sanctuary I
49 XM-404 Sanctuary II
50 XM-405 Xavier Remembers
51 XM-406 Courage
52 XM-407 Secrets, No Longer Buried
54 XM-408 One Man's Worth I
55 XM-409 One Man s Worth II
56 XM-410 Proteus I
57 XM-411 Proteus II
58 XM-412 Family Ties
60 XM-413 The Lotus And The Steel
62 XM-414 Have Yourself A Morlock Little Christmas
63 XM-415 Beyond Good And Evil I
64 XM-416 Beyond Good And Evil II
65 XM-417 Beyond Good And Evil III
66 XM-418 Beyond Good And Evil IV
67 XM-419 The Phalanx Covenant I
68 XM-420 The Phalanx Covenant II
69 XM-421 Storm Front I
70 XM-422 Storm Front II
59 XM-423 Bloodlines
71 TBD The Fifth Horseman
72 TBD Jubilee's Fairy Tale Theatre
73 TBD Old Soldiers
74 TBD Hidden Agendas
75 TBD Descent
76 TBD Graduation Day

The following is apparently the MARVEL RECORD of what order X-men goes in,
based on 2 issues of the 'Adventures of the X-men' comics. Not only is the
second 1/2 of the series vastly different than how they aired, over the course
of the last 3 seasons... there is not a single continuity error among them.

01: - "Night Of The Sentinels" (part 1)
02: - "Night Of The Sentinels" (part 2)
03: - "Enter: Magneto"
04: - "Deadly Reunions"
05: - "Captive Hearts"
06: - "Cold Vengeance"
07: - "Slave Island"
08: - "The Unstoppable Juggernaut"
09: - "The Cure"
10: - "Come The Apocalypse"
11: - "Days Of Future Past" (part 1)
12: - "Days Of Future Past" (part 2)
13: - "The Final Decision"
14: - "'Til Death Do Us Part" (part 1)
15: - "'Til Death Do Us Part" (part 2)
16: - "Whatever It Takes"
17: - "Red Dawn"
18: - "Repo Man"
19: - "X-ternally Yours"
20: - "Time Fugitives" (part 1)
21: - "Time Fugitives" (part 2)
22: - "A Rogue's Tale"
23: - "Beauty And The Beast"
24: - "Mojovision"
25: - "Reunion" (part 1)
26: - "Reunion" (part 2)
27: - "Out Of The Past" (part 1)
28: - "Out Of The Past" (part 2)
29: - "The Phoenix Saga pt.1: Sacrifice"
30: - "The Phoenix Saga pt.2: The Dark Shroud"
31: - "The Phoenix Saga pt.3: Cry Of The Banshee"
32: - "The Phoenix Saga pt.4: The Starjammers"
33: - "The Phoenix Saga pt.5: Child Of Light"
34: - "No Mutant Is An Island"
35: - "Obsession"
36: - "Longshot"
37: - "Cold Comfort"
38: - "Savage Land, Strange Heart" (part 1)
39: - "Savage Land, Strange Heart" (part 2)
40: - "Dark Phoenix pt.1: Dazzled"
41: - "Dark Phoenix pt.2: Inner Circle"
42: - "Dark Phoenix pt.3: The Dark Phoenix"
43: - "Dark Phoenix pt.4: Fate Of The Phoenix"
44: - "Orphan's End"
45: - "Love In Vain"
46: - "The Juggernaut Returns"
47: - "A Deal With The Devil"
48: - "Sanctuary" (part 1)
49: - "Sanctuary" (part 2)
50: - "Family Ties"
51: - "Nightcrawler"
52: - "Secrets, No Longer Buried"
53: - "Weapon X, Lies, And Videotape"
54: - "One Man's Worth" (part 1)
55: - "One Man's Worth" (part 2)
56: - "Proteus" (part 1)
57: - "Proteus" (part 2)
58: - "Phalanx Covenant" (part 1)
59: - "Phalanx Covenant" (part 2)
60: - "The Lotus And The Steel"
61: - "Courage"
62: - "Have Yourself A Morlock Little X-Mas"
63: - "Beyond Good And Evil" (part 1)
64: - "Beyond Good And Evil" (part 2)
65: - "Beyond Good And Evil" (part 3)
66: - "Beyond Good And Evil" (part 4)
67: - "Xavier Remembers"
68: - "Bloodlines"
69: - "Storm Front" (part 1)
70: - "Storm Front" (part 2)
71: - "The Fifth Horseman"
72: - "Jubilee's Fairytale Theatre"
73: - "Old Soldiers"
74: - "Hidden Agendas"
75: - "Descent"
76: - "Graduation Day"

You'll notice that many episodes were aired up to 3 years out of sequence.

Stephen Melching also went on to say...

It proved next to impossible to get the
overseas animation houses to deliver airable episodes in any
kind of order. It got so bad on X-MEN that the first episode
we wrote for the series was actually the sixth to air!
(*Three years* after the script was finished! And the
animation was still terrible!) <-- he's referring to Longshot
You've got the Marvel record there, so why not use that order for your DVDs?

To contact me outside the forum, for trades and such my email address is my username

Why post all of that if you have already decided what the disc order will be????

So we're ignoring REAL and MARVEL RECORD, and just going with the breakdown at the beginning of your list correct?

And were you thinking something along the lines of:



*Maybe Break this down into 2 pages of 4?


* Perhaps the synopsis is included in the menu screen?

That's just off the top of my head, Did you have images already sorted out or should we just google for them? Exclusive to the show itself, or including the comic books etc? I'm assuming 4:3 NTSC?

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The assigned and marvel records were intended to appear on our DVDs as a page with text, an extra of sorts. After all, the aired order is how people saw them. Then again you do make a good point and I'll start a poll about what order would you guys prefer to have them in. Should I make the poll here or as a separate thread?

About the layout, I think it would be better to just let you do what you want and choose from there. No, it's not an excuse for me to avoid thinking , but I really feel a brainstorm-like approach would fit this better. I have a few images that you can base your designs on, you can download them here:

but please do look for more if you can. Keep in mind that most of the pictures in that package are JPGs, so please work with uncompressed or lossless image formats throughout the whole process to avoid further quality losses. By the way, I love your idea of using the comic books and other sources aside from the show, it's fantastic . And yeah, the end result will be 4:3 NTSC.
Hi Byakko,

Many Thanks for the images - I must admit, it appears that I misread your original topic header, and thought this was X-Men - Evolution! Glad I spotted that one before getting too far into the project.

What software are you using for authoring? My intention would be to supply TIFF files for all still menus & overlays, and M2V & WAV files for any moving elements (depending how everything pans out).

Don't worry if things go a little 'dark' for a while - I'll do my best to keep you up to date with this thread, but I do also have a full-time job to hold down. Give me a couple of weeks to try and get something working, and then we can take it from there?


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The assigned and marvel records were intended to appear on our DVDs as a page with text, an extra of sorts. After all, the aired order is how people saw them. Then again you do make a good point and I'll start a poll about what order would you guys prefer to have them in.

When authoring why not put the option to watch the episodes in assigned, marvel record, or aired? It will not be hard to do and will not take up any more disc space than is already being used. It is really a very simple process and would make your final discs look much more professional. Stories in DVD Studio Pro will do the trick for this very easily.

“You know, when you think about it, the Ewoks probably just crap over the sides of their tree-huts.”

I believe it's because the actual order would involve switching disks all of the time...
DVD-Boy: well there are far more DVDs for Evolution than for the 1992 series. Besides, I don't like Evolution at all: its approach to the characters and the graphic style just don't do it for me. The formats you chose are perfect, and if Jay lets me I'll bump this every time it goes down to page three and ask him to delete all my posts containing a bump. And do take your time, we have been at this project for so long that we learned to be patient . As for authoring, I really like DVDLab Pro, but we'll make a decision when the time comes.

Mackey256: we would do that if we could, but the differences are far too great to allow it, resulting (like Knolly said) in annoying disc swapping. The lists I posted are quite annoying to compare, you can see the differences more clearly here:

[edit]I'll make the poll as a separate thread.
Yeah I didn't take into account the disc changes. Good luck with your project

“You know, when you think about it, the Ewoks probably just crap over the sides of their tree-huts.”

Thanks . Please consider trying to do 1), 3) and 5), as it wouldn't consume much of your time (5 mins a day would be ok) and would greatly help us.
Sorry I can't help there.

1. I have no good suggestions about automatic IVTC methods or IVTC of any kind.

3. I don't have any idea of where to find such a thing in the first place. I can only access the internet at work so any sort of P2P or Torrent thing is not going to happen in any way, shape, or form. Again you are on your own.

5. As far as doing subtitles for a DVD...You couldn't pay me enough to do that. It takes up way too much damn time. It's much easier to pay a person 300 bux and have them give you a text file with all that info instead of sitting around doing it yourself.


Good luck anyway.

“You know, when you think about it, the Ewoks probably just crap over the sides of their tree-huts.”

Well, like I already said, you can always use Google for 3) and 5). Finding the subs or spanish dubs really is just a matter of luck and the more of us searching the better our chances of finding something.
By the way, we might be making an extra DVD with bonus features, so suggestions on what to search for in that department are appreciated as well.
Were there any interviews with Stan Lee or another Marvel bigwig about this series?