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[Work-in-progress] Spiderman 3: Venomized


A version of Spiderman 3 cut together with Venom.

My vision
In this version Peter’s agression is brought out more, and I’m including the deleted scene of Venom yelling at Peter in the mirror. Peter kills Sandman, Harry, and attacks MJ, then he removes the symbiotie. It fades to black, you here Peter threatening Eddie, you hear him get fired, you here Eddie saying why he left NYC. Then Venom starts, and the movie plays, just cutting out how the suit got to Eddie. May end the film with none of Eddie being a hero, and just show Venom acting like a villain, killing, eating, and threatening people. Ending the film off with him rawring at the camera.

What’s Been Done To Spider-Man 3?


  • Sandman’s Origins have been removed. Now he’ll just be a villain that appears and Peter/Venom kills him

What To Do About Forman?

  • Topher Grace is now playing a character calling himself “Junior” he’s dating Gwen. I removed him ignoring her at the cash site, as well as anytime he says is name is Edward/Eddie Brock. Now he just says his name is Junior. I really couldn’t clip him out. And Tom Hardy is Edward/Eddie Brock. Also at the “Key to the City” moment Junior and Gwen are a couple. Mirroring Peter and MJ.

Dancing Spider-Man?

  • He no longer dances, and I’ve removed the Jazz the best I could. While talking to Dr. Conners, Demanding the Staff Job, and changing his cloths to a black suit, AC/DC Back in Black plays. But it’s a wordless version.

From Parker to Junior? No, Venom.

  • Now Venom leaves Peter in the bell tower and that is all of Spider-Man 3. Eddie awakens in his apartment 6 months later already hearing flashes of Peter’s life in his dreams as well as Venom’s voice. He is Venom, We are Venom.

Peter Draws Blood From Harry

  • Using the alternate take from the “Editors Cut” of 3, Peter is now completely enraged with Harry and is there for one reason, kill him. He draws blood from Harry before blowing him up. Attacks him without asking for forgiveness.

Choose Your Version. Is Venom a Hero or a Villain?

What’s the Difference?
Hero -
The Film Opens with Venom’s symboite siblings crashing to Earth. Spider-Man 3 plays, the way it’s mentioned above. Eddie awakes from sleeping on the floor after Peter free’s himself from the suit and Venom plays the way it was in theaters. With the only exception being Eddie already has Venom when he goes to the Lab. Venom fights Legion and saves the Earth.
Spider-Man 3: Venomized (Hero Cut) Currently sits at 2h30mins without credits.

Villain -
Film opens up like Spider-Man 3, but it’s not Spider-Man 3. Venom crashes to Earth and finds it’s way to Peter. Peter looses control of himself and removes the suite. Some how it finds it’s way to Eddie in San Fransisco. Eddie goes on a rampage throughout the city, eating and killing people. Breaking into buildings and running around the city. This is closer to the original vision for this project.

Spider-Man 3: Venomized (Villain Cut) Currently being worked on.

I’m Doing Venom’s voice to add in the new dialogue. Sample of my Venom -

To me, Star Wars is a brand that means quality, just because it’s a bad SW film, doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie.


A darker Spider-Man 3? This, my friend, sounds like bona fide R-rated material!

“The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.”
-Sheev Palpatine, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (2005)


Bumping because work has begun

To me, Star Wars is a brand that means quality, just because it’s a bad SW film, doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie.