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Wing Commander games


Hi all,

New here, just registered because I wish to exchange some ideas about these.
I’m watching the existing fanedits of the game’s footage on Youtube, and the acting is quite good.
But the story needs to be trimmed to the essential. No need to see dozens of mission briefings 😉

I got started editing WC III but I realized that the in-game flight sequences need to replaced by CGI.
Has anyone created any animations or CGI for this purpose?
Taking WC III (or even IV) it’s a relatively “easy” job.
The renders on the existing footage are vary basic. Any new work should match that style.

Any ideas about story? Since we have multiple alternate scenes, there’s plenty to work with.
Feedback is welcome.


For WC III, I think the novelisation by William R. Forstchen and Andrew Keith may be of great help on how to trim the story and/or which story paths could be taken.