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Why not use superbitmap mastering on the dvds.

Why not use supermitmap mastering on the forth coming DVDs.
It has twice the bit ratio of normal dvd and would look very good.

On the subject i am very eager to see how the Star wars Trilogy will transfer onto DVD.
I still think the laserdisk vershions will be unbetable.
I know the Laserdisk technology is now considerd old hat but if you look closely at a good LD pressing it has non of the Jpeg artifacts or compreshion that dvd has.

The sound also on LD is top notch.
The "perceived picture depth"will also be an issue.
With this i mean that DVD seems to have stark and bold contrast levels,the blacks are jet black and the whites are super white,In between there is very little else.

On LD the depth of image and filmic presentation are never a problem.
I am not giving up on DVD beacuse i think it does and will have some advantages when the Trilogy are released.
One of them will be NEON LIGHTS like on the space ships and fazor fire from guns.
I did try taping the films from dijital satelite airings.
The results where intresting,Storm troopers outfits seem to be very good and vivid.

The first Star wars film from the seventies does have a very odd colour pallet,I guess that if it where made too clear all the tone and colour scale of the original master could be lost?

Here in the Uk the mastering process is redicolously inferior to NTSC,It was the same with Laserdisk.
Pal pressings are very fatiguing,We may have more lines of resolution but the pressings are dreadfull compared to NTSC.

Thanks all.
Suberbit is another name for bare bones. The DVD for Attack of the Clones looks better then any Superbit I have ever seen. I am sure these DVDs will look great.