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Who Was Kira? - The Lucas Sequels


I am fascinated by the brief descriptions of the setting of GL’s conception of a sequel trilogy. Some of it lines up with what the real-life sequel trilogy has delivered.

We got the hero trio in their old age ("…wouldn’t it be fun to get all the actors to come back when they’re 60 or 70 years old and make three more about them as old people?" - GL).

We got some exploration of what really separates good from evil, Light from Darkness (“Eventually you have to face the fact that good and evil aren’t that clear-cut and the real issue is trying to understand the difference.” - GL).

Even the concept of an older Luke exiling himself to a remote Jedi Temple is carried over from the Lucas notes.

Now what I am more interested in is how the Lucas story has already differed from what has transpired in TFA/LJ. It seems at some point Lucas wanted the big bad of the ST to be a Dark Side Ghost of Palpatine.

From the Making of ESB book:
‘In the end the Emperor does exactly what Ben did; he can also transform himself. As Ben becomes the personification of the good side of the force, the Emperor is the bad’.

The larger galactic political situation is also substantially different in the Disney ST from what Lucas was kicking around in his head…“The last three episodes involve the rebuilding of the Republic.”, another Lucas quote. That’s not at all what has happened thus far, and I am looking at Starkiller Base!

Lastly there is a scant mention of a young female Jedi disciple known as “Kira”. It makes sense to me personally that this woman eventually became Rey of Jakku, but my imagination abounds with the possibilities of what got lost in the shuffle between Lucas’ vision and Disney’s.

So what do you think? What do you believe could have been?


AveKender said:

“Eventually you have to face the fact that good and evil aren’t that clear-cut and the real issue is trying to understand the difference.” - GL

I wish Lucas had remembered that when he fashioned the Sith for the PT.

My screenplay index.

I really do care, even if [yo]u don’t.


The transforming Emperor quote seems to be from before Yoda was created, and the idea was that there would be a battle between Palpatine and Obi-Wan in which it would be revealed that they can switch between physical and ghost forms at will. This is seen in the first screenplay draft of ROTJ and I suspect that introducing Palpatine as a hologram was supposed to make him seem “ghostly”. That quote may or may not have been from before Lucas decided to end the Luke-Vader-Palpatine Saga with the third (in release order) film.

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