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Where are we with 4kHD Bluray authoring in 2023?


So there is a very good post here


by @railerswim about the subject, but it’s from way back in 2018. As far as I can tell, a whole lot has changed as far as the availability of the discs and authoring software. It seems like at this point a lot of the previous Bluray software authoring programs are now claiming they can do 4k uhd. Given that is the case I am wondering what people’s experience is.

I realize more and more this is becoming a moot point given that 4k bluyrays are kind of niche product but if you are not going to use Plex or another personal streaming service or you’re like me and you like the whole presentation and completeness of owning a physical disc with case and cover you may feel like a lot is lost if all a move is, is an icon on the screen. My intention now that it actually seems possible is to create my own “box set” of star wars material and versions.

So my question is, what are peoples experiences trying to create 4k disks with some of the beautiful 2160p versions of the original trilogy out there. Since I was unable to find a lot of info I am thinking there hasn’t been a lot of success, but maybe it’s so niche now no one is really trying?

Any recommendations as far as software? I am leaning to Yohan Bluray DVD Creator for 4k, it’s simple doesn’t do a lot of things but most of the 4k bluray disks I buy don’t have fancy menus or branching anyway. I really only need a menu system to allow access to the movie. My one concern is how my the player will change layers and making sure it’s not in the middle of an scene. However I am unsure that is something I can control anyway.

Another question I have is, is it the video format that is the problem or the disk. Meaning If I am only using standard 1080p footage can I author a standard bluray to a BD-50GB and take advantage of the additional size to add more footage, or is there a limit in disk size? If so I may still buy a more sophisticated standard bluray authoring tool for discs that will only be for 1080p bonus material. This would save me from having to use multiple cases for bonus material for instance.

Anyway any information would be helpful thank you.