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What if every movie had a pre-crawl scene?


The equivalent of the scene that plays before the opening credits of a TV show. In the same vein as Willrow Hood’s post about post-credit scenes.


That would defeat the purpose of the crawl, but I’ll play along.

After doing some thinking, that would only work for RotS, which would show the beginning of the Battle of Coruscant, and ANH, which would show maybe the beginning of the chase, as in Rogue One. All the others really can’t have much of an opening scene before it.

Death of the Author


ANH: A Star Destroyer’s sirens and lights go off, to signal Leia to pull over, but she decides to make a run for it.

ESB: Vader buffs and polishes his helmet.

ROTJ: Lando passes an awkward job interview with Bib Fortuna.

TPM: Yoda delivers a stern philosophical lesson as the camera slowly pans over to a toddler who isn’t paying attention, whom Yoda scolds as, “Obi-Wan!”

AOTC: Captain Typho makes obtuse predictions about how much danger Senator Amidala faces as they depart for Coruscant.

ROTS: General Grievous sits in the break room on the Invisible Hand, eating a hot pocket. His eyes water as he hacks and coughs after a piece is lodged in his throat.

TFA: Lor San Tekka plays a game of holochess with Death, loses, and flees. Death comms Kylo Ren.


ANH: an imperial officer takes his shift on the gunner deck of the Star Destroyer: “Don’t forget guys, laser stuff are expansive, use it only when necessary”.

TESB: Boba Fett gives his report to Vader about the identity of the young rebel who destroyed the Death Star (like in the comic book).

ROTJ: a montage to see the Rancor growing up from his birth to adulthood.

TPM: a planet size kyber crystal goes big-bang and releases the Force through the Galaxy.

AOTC: after Jinn is killed, Dooku leaves the Jedi Order.

ROTS: Anakin being knighted, from the first Clone Wars tvseries.

TFA: the entire movie is just a pre-crawl scene, so I don’t see the point in adding one…

“I have to say that I felt George’s group of six films had more innovative visual imagination, and this film was more of a retrenchment to things you had seen before and characters you had seen before, and it took a few baby steps forward with new characters.” - James Cameron about Episode VII.