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What if Jar Jar Binks and Gungans had Fens/old East Anglian accents?


For the past year or two it’s got stuck in my head of a voice Jar Jar and the Gungans could have had that wouldn’t have had such an awkward and problematic reception.

The kind of voice that’s really worked in my mind’s eye is an old rural Fens/East Anglian accent. Here’s the best clip I think of available on YouTube:

It would seem to fit with a rural pastoral, water and land connected ‘every man’ quality of the characters and their home (big fan of Hal 9000 cuts).

If it were possible to re-record the voices of Jar Jar and other Gungans with such voices, even the dialogue need hardly change, I think it would be a far more satisfying watch when they’re on screen.

That said, it wouldn’t be right to reduce representation in the credits of SW, it would be amazing to find black voice actors who could do such Fens/old East Anglian accents.