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WestWorld TV Show into 2 part Mini Series


I have just finished part 1 of 2 of a fan edit of West World.

The TV series was a tad confusing with multiple time lines shown back to back in the episodes whilst dragging those stories out over 10 episodes.

What I wanted to create was a 2 part mini series but with a story arc that was simple to follow in near chronological order.

Part one was created to show Arnold suffering confidence in Westworld before the opening whilst still suffering the loss of his son and setting Dolores on a game before asking her to do something unspeakable.

We then move forward several years with the fate of Arnold unknown until the close of part one and Dolores suffering flashbacks to something she may or may note have taken part in and questioning her existence.

We then have the arrival of William & Logan which sets the most part of this part one arc with there time and story in Westworld and there paths that are set once they meet Dolores and ultimately Williams turn to the black side which is then rounded off by Arnolds fate.

This will then lead into part 2 with the Man in Blacks arc mixed with Robert Fords and Maeve in the same story line.

Part 1 is 108mins long with 100’s of edits across the 10 episodes to achieve this story arc and with music inserts from the soundtrack.
It’s not 100% chronological as that was not my aim but more self contained but unless you know the timelines to heart you won’t know the odd insert isn’t from that period as I’ve taken care not to include Robert Ford or Bernard or any other main character that will be in part 2.

The fan edit is 720p in stereo I have already made part 1 available on everyones favourite organ, I’m working on part 2 and if any fans want it I will upload when done.