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"Weird Al" Yankovic - Just Stupid Enough (Complete Videography 1980-2020) On Hiatus (WIP)


This is actually a project I started in 2019 for the 40th anniversary of My Bologna, but since this year marks the 40th anniversary of Another One Rides The Bus (it’s single anyway…) I thought it would be fun to start work on it again. This is a very similar project to my Devo blu-ray in that it will be the most comprehensive collection of Weird Al videos, upscaled and restored in 4K. There will be plenty of bonus features, and every single music video from 1980 to 2020 will be included.

Project Artwork:

Here’s the list of videos:

  1. My Bologna
  2. Ricky
  3. I Love Rocky Road
  4. Eat It
  5. I Lost On Jeopardy
  6. This Is The Life
  7. Like A Surgeon
  8. Dare To Be Stupid
  9. One More Minute
  10. Living With A Hernia
  11. Christmas At Ground Zero
  12. Fat
  13. Money For Nothing / Beverly Hillbillies *
  14. UHF
  15. Smells Like Nirvana
  16. You Don’t Love Me Anymore
  17. Jurassic Park
  18. Bedrock Anthem
  19. Headline News
  20. Amish Paradise
  21. Gump
  22. Spy Hard
  23. The Saga Begins
  24. It’s All About The Pentiums
  25. Bob
  26. Don’t Download This Song
  27. I’ll Sue Ya
  28. Virus Alert
  29. Close But No Cigar
  30. Pancreas
  31. Weasel Stomping Day
  32. White & Nerdy
  33. Do I Creep You Out
  34. Trapped In The Drive-Thru
  35. Craigslist
  36. Skipper Dan
  37. CNR
  38. Ringtone
  39. TMZ
  40. Party In The CIA
  41. Another Tattoo
  42. If That Isn’t Love
  43. Whatever You Like
  44. Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me
  45. Perform This Way
  46. Polka Face
  47. Tacky
  48. Word Crimes
  49. Foil
  50. Handy
  51. Sports Song
  52. First World Problems
  53. Lame Claim To Fame
  54. Mission Statement
  55. Harvey, The Wonder Hamster
  56. The Hamilton Polka

Note: This list does not count videos for polka medleys that can only be sourced from AL-TV VHS rips or the ERB and Schmoyoho appearances, though they will be bonus features.

Bonus Features:

Behind The Music Special (2001 Version)
VH1’s “Driven” Biography (2002)
There’s No Going Home (1996 Disney Channel Promo)
TV Appearances
Making Of Videos
AL-TV and AL-Music Clips


i cant wait for this, im a big fan of Weird al


This is amazing, definitely looking forward to this one Mango


Very cool! Thanks for doing this!


I’m very excited about this. Looking forward to an update, whenever there is one!