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WandaXVision (Released)


This idea occurred to me after the disappointment of Wandavision’s finale. A Wandavision edit with some X-Citing additions!

Basically, if you want to create the illusion of the mutants being in westview, use the scenes where they’re visiting Jean Grey at her home in X-Men: The Last Stand. Switch out Jean with scenes of Wanda ‘interacting’ with Xavier and Magneto.

I also think you can still remove Agatha from the final fight entirely, you can have Wanda wrestle with her conscious, but she no longer waits until the boys’ bedtime to relinquish her hold over the town. Now she releases everyone after Vision defeats his doppelganger and embraces his boys. No goodbye scene for Wanda, it’s best to pull the rug out from under the selfish bitch and deny her a goodbye.

Lastly, I had an idea about using a scene from Logan for post-credits, but instead I think I’d rather keep Wanda at the cabin instead…but just as she hears her boys calling to her and there’s that flash of crimson energy, we cut to Xavier sensing it and telling Logan and Storm to head to the lake…and then we end it.

I’ve been managing these episodically, as it made it a lot easier. Five episodes have been made in total. Many of the sitcoms are now gone or severely downplayed in favour of advancing the plot a lot quicker.

It’s left ambiguous as to whether or not Agatha is a witch or a member of Magneto’s brotherhood of evil mutants. No origin flashback, and we cut to Wanda’s motivation for the siege of Westview much quicker

I’ll let you know when the eps are ready.


Episodic cuts are ready and available.

Notable changes (SPOILERS AHEAD)

-Episode One is almost entirely made up of Civil War and X-Men footage, the “Five Years Later” caption from Endgame is used, and the final scenes are Monica being sucked into Westviw and the 1950s Wandavision intro

-Episode Two consists of footage from episode four and the middle act of episode five

-Episode Three consists almost entirely of episode six, but utilises sequences from X-Men: The Last Stand featuring Magneto and Multiple Man. I’ve also removed Darcie’s line “she recast Pietro?”

-Episode Four is drastically different…most of episode seven’s dire Vision and Darcie comedy has been removed. Also cut down a great deal of episode eight…now we cut to Wanda and Vision’s talk at the Avengers compound right after Wanda and Pietro’s parents are killed. Agatha is more interested in the immediate ramifications of Wanda’s motivations, she doesn’t need a mammoth history lesson. There is footage of X-Men: The Last Stand utilised to have Magneto and Xavier ‘interact’ with Wanda. Agatha calling Wanda the scarlet witch and a ‘myth’ cut.

-And lastly, episode five removes Agatha almost entirely from the last battle, she’s crushed by the car (I imply that it’s Xavier that uses it to kill her), allowing Vision to pretty much save the day when he resolves his own conflict. Also gone, as I said in the previous post, is Wanda’s drawn out farewells to Vision and the kids at home. Wanda relinquishes the hex immediately after the battle of the Visions is over. The post-end credits are almost the same, with the addition of Xavier sending Logan and Storm on a mission to head out to Wanda’s cabin at the lake.


Hi may I please have a link to view these Episode edits? kind regards, I like the idea behind this 😃