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Vintage Kenner action figure collection storage and valuing


Hey guys,

I have like 25 or so carded Kenner figs that I haven’t dug up in decades but am going to inventory soon. Can anybody recommend the best way to evaluate ($$) them and recommend storage. Once I get them out I plan on merely slipping them into comic book bags if it’s not too snug a fit, but theres got to be safer solutions. Right now the figs are in a big sturdy chest, which has been locked with a long-lost key…

From what I recall there are a few Yodas, Hoth Luke, probably Dagobah Luke, some Baradas, Darth Vader, X-Wing Luke, and a jawa. Some Han Solos of various persuasions and more. The figs are all Esb, Rotj, and POTF so none with just Star Wars on the card. Surely all of them have got price stickers stuck on them. Who knows if they have turned all yellow over the years.

Looking at eBay sold listings hasn’t been fruitful because the 90s POTF and the “Vintage Collection” make search optimization practically impossible. Is there some sort of price guide for these babies? Or shall I just open them and play with them? 😉