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Various Godzilla Film Prints in need of preservation


Hello I’m posting here for a friend as he has a couple of prints of Godzilla films from the 60’s and I believe one or two early toho monster films like the one mentioned below that are the American versions. I’m not sure of all that he has at the moment but I know he has a copy of Rodan and Monster Zero.

I’m reaching out for him to see if there are any teams like negative 1. He does not know how or have any of the equipment himself and if i could get him with a group or anyone that could help with that or possible handle scanning the prints. Please feel free to contact me


I’m currently looking at whether to try and obtain a 16mm print of Destroy All Monsters, which I’ve just started a thread about. What I’m not sure about is whether a print as faded and red as the one up for sale will be salvageable via color correction by expert hobbyists like the OT crowd, or if it would need professional attention. I’m also on the fence about whether to try and get my hands on this myself and seek out other fans who can do something with it, or pass the word along to Criterion, since they now own Destroy All Monsters (as well as Rodan and Monster Zero!) and may or may not be preparing Blu-ray releases of these films, and I know Toho doesn’t keep materials for the US versions on hand, so who knows what kind of elements Criterion has access to through UPA’s successors or whoever they dealt with to get these rights.

I guess what I’m saying is, we might be able to get something done through fan circles, but it might also be worth getting in touch with Criterion to see if these prints would be of any use to them.


I’m not sure how efficient my current scanning setup is for scanning large portions of film. Color correction wouldn’t be too much of a problem because of Dr. Dre’s tools. I was able to convert my Plustek 8100i 35mm scanner to scan 35mm, 16mm, and 8mm film, albeit a manual, frame-by-frame method. I can see it being a possibility for fan reconstructions of movies where only a few shots are needed. Other than that, I would need a much more efficient scanning method to scan it automatically, but that would be terribly expensive.



I just did a quick test trying to see if I could get good results from trying to map the colors of RedMenace’s reconstruction onto the eBay seller’s shots of the 16mm print. Results were nice! Here are some results. The order goes: 16mm, RedMenace CC, 16mm matched to RMCC.




The results aren’t perfect by any means, but I’m sure an actual scan of the print would make it much easier. I also wasn’t able to screencap the exact frames, but I hope it gives you an idea of the colors that can be achieved.