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Vacation (1983) original version preservation


This one may come as a surprise to some of y’all but the home video versions of Vacation actually have an alteration from the original theatrical version. The movie had three scenes with the Ferrari girl driving in her car on the road, with the first and the third of those scenes playing “I’m so Excited” by the Pointer Sisters and the second one playing “Little Boy Sweet” by Jude Pointer. Unfortunately all US home video versions of the movie omit the two instances of I’m so Excited and exchange them for Little Boy Sweet, so as a result it plays in all three scenes. But for TV versions I’m so Excited played where it was supposed to, and that’s how it is on the foreign dubs as well. (before you say it, no the blu-ray does not restore the song in the English track) But I wanna preserve the original English language version of the movie with the soundtrack fully intact, so if anyone can provide me with a version with the song intact and in English please let me know.