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UNIQUE KAIJU FAN EDIT: ガイガン-キングギドラ-ハルマゲドン / GIGAN - GHIDORAH - ARMAGEDDON (Released)



My name is Markus Bruckner, I’m an austrian media artist and I want to introduce you to my fan edit: ガイガン-キングギドラ-ハルマゲドン / GIGAN - GHIDORAH - ARMAGEDDON.

It’s available here:
English and german subtitles are included!

This is a mashup of the films “Kinderarzt Dr. Fröhlich” (Germany, 1972) and “Godzilla vs. Gigan” (Japan, 1972) made by me in 2017 for university.
My goal was to create a genre-hybrid wich is able to transport dark and hopeless themes despite the films chosen. Of course it’s also entertaining 😃

It’s the end of the world! Giant monsters appear and destroy everything in their path. At least in Japan…
Reson enough for a German family to seek shelter in the austrian alps to live their last days in peace.
It’s not a film about denial but acceptance of death.

Best wishes,

Markus Bruckner ;-D