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UFO's & other anomalies ... do you believe? — Page 4


This is what worries about whatever it is they’re following in this screen-grab: A UFO that size couldn’t get this deep into space on its own. It must have gotten lost, been part of a convoy or something. I just hope it isn’t headed for a small moon.


By the way, the question to the author of the topic: instead of UFOs, did you mean Alien ships? …
Because in the UFO is not what we believe, they even are - it’s just unidentified years. object)) and you never know who unidentified …
But the question will be more correct for them to pose precisely using formulations about alien civilizations.


Honestly, I have a rather particular approach to the UFO phenomenon. This Is my general vision:

  • Yes, UFOs exist.
  • Yes, some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecrafts.
  • Yes, aliens visit Earth.
  • Yes, some UFOs crashed on Earth and have been recovered by Humans, specifically by the US Army and the Soviet/Russian Army.
  • Yes, the US and Russian armies tried to apply retro engineering to the crushed alien ships.
  • Yes, UFOs have been sighted even in ancient times.


  • No, aliens have no hostile intentions.
  • No, Reptilians don’t exist. Stuff like that is just bulshit.
  • No, the aliens have never contacted anyone directly, either telepathically or face to face.
  • No, aliens have never abducted anyone.
  • No, aliens have never mutilated any cows.
  • No, crop circles are not aliens.
  • No, the reverse engineering on the crashed UFOs has never brought technological advances to the rest of the world, because they are still studying the crushed ships. They still don’t managed to successfully apply reverse engineering to any of the recovered crushed alien ships.
  • No, ancient astronauts don’t exist. The ancient civilizations developed by themselves, Zecharia Sitchin’s theories are bulshit and Eric Von Daniken is a liar. The fact that UFOs have been sighted even in ancient times doesn’t mean that the aliens contacted directly the ancient civilizations, nor that they built the Pyramids and bulshit like that.