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Two drawings that I've did on Dee Dee's Asian friend, Lee Lee, from Dexter's Laboratory — Page 3


timbox2.0 said:

And even with the Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls characters brought to life as 2D hand drawn animated cartoons set against actual filmed landscapes, Dexter's Odyssey would still be one of, if not, the most ambitious film projects the world should ever see since James Cameron's Avatar and Peter Jackson's the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.


Timbox... I'm... so... amazed !


Perhaps should you consider not telling us too much aboout this. I'm glad you do, but it would be unfair that you give undirectly by posting on the internet some ideas to the 20th Century Fox or Warner.

The most effective projects and actions are the ones that are leaded under silence. ;)



Hey guys!

You know what are my 25 favorite moments from Dexter's Laboratory, don't ya?

Well here they are:

1. "Aww, How Cute!", said Lee Lee from Tribe Called Girl
2. The Mechanical Bird creeping up on the Father with no name and scaring him! from The Parrot Trap
3. Mandark's Intro from Dexter's Rival
4. Dexter's "Dee Dee, You're Fired" speech from Dee Dee and the Man
5. Betty Rubble, Barney's wife from the Flintstones, held in captivity by the Father with no Name, much to the horror of the mother with no name from Dad is Disturbed
6. Dee Dee introducing Lee Lee and Mee Mee to Birdy the Turtle from Techno Turtle
7. Dexter, Dee Dee, and Douglas E. Mordechai the Third listening to some informational audio tape (Chapter 8: Reproduction) through Doug's Walkman, from Framed
8. Paul Williams going "Here Comes Inspiration!" from Just an Old Fashioned Lab Song
9. Action Hank's intro from Beard to be Feared
10. Dexter and three heroic guys (really modeled on Dexter's friends) walking and encountering a dragon which at first waiting for them and then roars at them! from D&DD, a Dungeons and Dragons parody
11. Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee, playing with My Little Pony parody dolls from Dee Dee's Tail
12. The G.I.R.L. Squad montage from the Dexter's Laboratory Charlie's Angels parody of the same name starring Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee.
13. The head of the Father with No Name going "Feed Me!" 2 times from You Vegabelieve It!
14. The Mackeral Fish screaming from the Mayonaise Jar that held it captive, also from You Vegabelieve It!
15. Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee smelling a chocolate cupcake with a cherry top, the chocolate and cherry top of which melted and slide over the plate as the three girls smell it, also from Tribe Called Girl
16. The Two Robots and some biker gang or so singing "YOU'RE RIDIN' THAT HOG!" from Lab on the Run
17. Lee Lee and Mee Mee's last and final appearance on Dexter's Laboratory from Dee Dee's Rival (though I should bring back Lee Lee and Mee Mee for a Dexter's Laboratory movie project of mine that I'll make someday or so called Dexter's Odyssey, with Lee Lee the Asian girl as the main heroine in that movie)
18. Dexter cracking his face and going "The Horror! The Horror! The Horror!" (A reference to Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now (1979, 2001 (Redux Version))) from Dee Dee's Room
19. The Mother with No Name receiving a box of coffee beans from Juan and his Donkey, from Topped Off
20. "MY HAIR IS ON FIRE!!!" from Dexter's Assistant
21. Mandark going "Chew-Chew-Chew! Chew-Chew-Chew-Chew-Chew!" from A Mandark Cartoon
22. Dexter punishing the Mechanical Bird, first by shaking it and then smashing it on his table with his purple-gloved hands, also from the Parrott Trap
23. Dexter (in Tyler Samuel Lee's impersonation of his voice) going "You are Stoo-pid! You are Stoooo-pid! And Don't Forget! You are Stooo-pid!" from Dexter and Computress Gets Mandark!
24. The Fred Flintstone and George Jetson cameo also from Beard to be Feared

and finally, last but not least:

25. Shut Yo Mouth! A little known Shaft parody talk between Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee, also from Beard to be Feared.

Here's a 15-minute video link based on my choices:

So, what are your favorite moment(s) or episode(s) from Dexter's Laboratory, other than mine?