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Transformers: Primeval (Released)


Poster (for Plex) -

What is it?
A fan edit that cuts Transformers 4 and 5 into 1 film with a streamlined story that cuts them down to 2h34m

Story After the battle of Chicago, Sam is on the run, and the Transformers are in hiding, Optimus is found by Cad Yager, an inverter from Texas. After Cad saves and fixes Optimus they go on the run from the government. But the real threat is when Lockdown kidnaps Optimus to take him to his maker, Quintessa. On Earth Cad has dedicated his life to protecting the Autobots and when a strange medieval knight autoboat is found a talisman is attached to Cad, making him the fable Last Knight. Cad is swiped away to England by the strange order of Witwiky. Once in England Cad meats Vivan, a Oxford Professor on Legends. Vivan turns out to be the last distant of Merlin. Merlin’s magic was really Autobot technology, and only his staff can stop Quintessa from destroying the Earth and set Optimus free.

What was cut?
The ending of 4, most stupid or annoying dialog from 4 and 5. Daughter/Driver romance from 4, Almost all of Izabella and All of Agent Simons from 5.

What was added?
Sam has been returned to the franchise using scenes from Age of Extinction and the movie Eagle Eye (2008) He replaces Simons.

The Edit is done, and ready to be seen by others. DM me

To me, Star Wars is a brand that means quality, just because it’s a bad SW film, doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie.


I’d like to see this, your idea of how to include Sam intrigues me.


Can I have a link i love to c that I saw part four and five in theaters