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Topic Title: Normal Bold Italic Bold-Italic Italic-Bold


Post Content: Normal Bold Italic Bold-Italic Italic-Bold


Topic Title as typed -
Topic Title: Normal **Bold** _Italic_ _**Bold-Italic**_ **_Italic-Bold_**

Post Content as typed -
Post Content: Normal **Bold** _Italic_ _**Bold-Italic**_ **_Italic-Bold_**


In the above lines, I found that bracketed combinations of the bold operator (double star) and italic operator (single underscore) on the same text produce different results (one comes out as bold only, while the other is both bold & italic).

Also, no operator for Title text is bold and condensed. When the bold and/or italic operators are specified, that text loses it’s condensed operation/font. (I can see this may be of necessity, for legibility, but just wanted to mention it anyway for your review.)

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