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Today was 33rd Anniversary of Holiday Special — Page 2



Matthew Morrison said:

We’re doing a Christmas special within the episode of Glee and it’s a throwback and a tribute to the Star Wars holiday special and the Judy Garland Christmas special.
Someone at LFL is allowing a popular TV show to acknowledge the existence of the HS. Between this and the cartoon being on the Blu-rays, I wonder if its coming...

Allow me to share a sarcastic recap of the HS, 25 minutes long for those who can't/won't invest the full time:


Star Wars Revisited Wordpress

Star Wars Visual Comparisons WordPress


I first saw the Holiday Special in 1998--somebody had posted the entire movie in RealPlayer format on a website.

I liked it for what it was--it was pretty cool to see another Star Wars movie with the original cast, however flawed it was.



I'm watching the Star Wars Holiday Special right now for the first time since I saw the original airing in 1978 (yes I'm an old fogey!).  I had forgotten most of it, but I must say it's living up to its reputation.  This thing is just... terribad.  Whoever did the hologram show that Lumpy watched was just seriously high, and now I'm to the cooking show and to quote Steve Martin, "All I can say is WOW!"


Merry Christmas everyone.